Recover a users deleted items in Exchange 2007

We have a user that is deleteing their sent items and then deleting their Deleted box.  Is there a way in Exchange 2007 for us to recover these deleted items from the dumpster without accessing the users Outlook?
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december41991Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Create that users profile in your outlook and use dumpster.
You can use OWA

here is how to do it on OWA 2003 but it should be easy to find your way out on 2007
For doing it from OWA , you will need the users password :(
quickly how to do it in OWA 2007

   1. Log on to OWA, click on Options.
   2. On the left hand side, click on Deleted Items.
   3. Now we can see a list of the deleted items
No need for their passwords, just assign yourself permissions on their mailbox

Add-ADPermissions "UserDeletingEmails" -user "UserWantingToRecover" -accessright fullaccess

recover them for him

remove-ADPermissions "UserDeletingEmails" -user "UserWantingToRecover" -accessright fullaccess

that's it
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