How do I fix this?

Norton 360 v2 returns the following error message randomly. "Your browswer is not set to detect fraudulent web sites, or to authenticate genuine web sites"

The norton icon in the tray has a red x through it.

I would like a solution that does not require uninstalling/reinstalling norton 360.

Thank you.

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Asta CuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Definition files are (hopefully) updated frequently, some nearly on a daily basis, so personally, I'd definitely do updates.  The link I posted above about your Norton 360 product and Vista does go through some step-by-steps, and includes this:
Run LiveUpdate
To make sure that Norton 360 is up to date, run LiveUpdate. RUN IT NOW - link again here:
Also there's a configuration routine that "may" need to be checked/modified as also noted in the above link.
I'm a McAfee user vs. Norton, but nonetheless, virus definition files should be updated frequently to ensure you've got all the most recent threat signatures included in your definition files.
To start- what web browser do you use?

For internet explorer 7- goto:

Tools > Phishing Filter > Turn On Automatic Website Checking
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rcrook1Author Commented:
To IKZ: I am using IE8. I have already done these obvious things.
rcrook1Author Commented:
To astaec:
I purchased this as v1 and upgraded to v2 through the norton website. Do I need to do something using the link you provided? I just renewed my subscription about a month ago, should'nt any necessary patches/fixes been provided as part of the subscription renewal?
Asta CuCommented:
If you've seen these types of error messages, could be indicative of a damaged installation of the 360 package.. (cut/paste from source link ...  Message: "At Risk: There are [number of issues] issues affecting your status. Norton 360 configuration is not complete..." and nothing happens when you click Continue
Curious if perhaps you had other previously installed virus protections which "could" also be in conflict.
Red X is displayed on PC Security and nothing happens when you click Details
Also indicated by red X on the icon of your product group, and recommends validating system clock/time.
Also noted a recently discovered worm that may also apply -
Do you run/have admin access?  Event log show any problems?  Once the definition files are updated and you've run a full/comprehensive scan (checking the system restore options, etc., in the links above), hope to hear good news.
Off to work - checking back when time permits.  Asta
rcrook1Author Commented:
Hello Astaec,

I down loaded and installed ver. 3 of Norton 360. Everything seems to be working fine now, no error messages, no red x's. I had to do the down load manually. I do not understand why live update did not provide it for me automatically, can you shed some light on this?

I will watch this for about a day to see if problems emerge, if not I will award you your points.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.
Asta CuCommented:
Yes, I've seen this time and again when new release/upgrade is done whether this or other makers of these protections, since the virus/trojan/worm activity is VERY dynamic, and new signature files are being created and needed almost daily.  Also read many comments about Live Update problems and errors running V2, using uninstaller to remove and then installing V3 to fix the Live Update and other errors.  Here's some end-user info / link that shares their experiences with this Norton 360 version.
":0)  Happy to hear we're making positive progress.  Asta
rcrook1Author Commented:
Hello Asta,

It looks like the problem is solved !!! I will award you your points after submitting this note. Thanks again.
Asta CuCommented:
Thank you, I'm pleased I could help you.  Sometimes something as simple as multiple reboots and/or just making sure that anytime I install anything new or change drivers, I go that extra mile to create a restore point and feel it's a good practice to do, so wanted to add that here.  
May your day be GREAT!    ":0)  Asta
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