Extract attachment from a folder of emails

Posted on 2009-03-30
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
Hi everyone,

I have put about 100 emails with attachments into a folder in Outlook (I think it's 2007 but it could be 2003) and I'm trying to find out if there's an easy way to extract all of the attachments in one go and have them land in another folder on my desktop.

Can someone tell me if there's some sort of command or something in Outlook that allows you to do this?

Really appreciate any advice.
Question by:gwh2
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Welcome to Todi !
The To-Disk-Saver Outlook Add-In for Attachments

Not sure if it supports Office 2007 yet.... 2003 I believe so....
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Here is a nice code that I use in my Outlook.
It extracts attachments from emails and sorts then by sender and date/time in a specified folder.
To install the script you press ALT+F11 and create a new module and then paste the content into that. Save it after.
Once in place you need to create a Outlook rule for it so you can choose to have it on all incming mail or just some.  
Change this row> Const BASE_PATH = "H:\\MailAttachments\\" to what you like to have it stored. You need to have the folder created first.

Sub StripAttachments(Item As Outlook.MailItem)

On Error GoTo EarlyBath

Const BASE_PATH = "H:\\MailAttachments\\"

If Item.Class = olMail Then

    If Item.Attachments.Count > 0 Then

        Dim objAtt As Outlook.Attachments

        Set objAtt = Item.Attachments

        For Each objattach In objAtt

            Dim i, lngCounter As Long

            Dim strLogger, strFile, strLocalFileLink, strLocalPath, strUser, strFolder As String


            lngCounter = Item.Attachments.Count

            'Debug.Print lngcounter

            strLogger = "-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"


            'organise folders by sender

            strFolder = BASE_PATH & Item.SenderName & "\\"


            If Dir(strFolder, vbDirectory) = "" Then

                MkDir (strFolder)

            End If


            'organise subfolder by received date

            strFolder = strFolder & Strings.Format(Item.ReceivedTime, "ddmmyyyy") & "\\"


            If Dir(strFolder, vbDirectory) = "" Then

                MkDir (strFolder)

            End If



            'create and display link to dest folder

            strLocalPath = "file://" & Replace(strFolder, " ", "%20")

            strLocalPath = Replace(strLocalPath, "\\", "\")

            strLogger = strLogger & vbCrLf & "Attachment Path: " & strLocalPath & vbCrLf

            strLogger = strLogger & vbCrLf & "The following attachments have been stripped from this message:"




            'move through the attachments, saving the file, deleting from msg body and inserting links

            For i = lngCounter To 1 Step -1


                strFile = objAtt.Item(i).FileName

                If Len(strFile) > 0 Then

                    Dim trimLen: trimLen = Len(strFile) - InStrRev(strFile, ".")

                    Dim time As String

                    time = Format(Now(), "hhmm")

                    strFile = strFolder & "\\" & time & "_" & strFile

                    objAtt.Item(i).SaveAsFile strFile


                    strLocalFileLink = Replace(strFile, "\\", "\")

                    strLocalFileLink = "file://" & Replace(strLocalFileLink, " ", "%20")


                    strLogger = strLogger & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Attachment " & lngCounter & ": " & strLocalFileLink


                End If

                    'strLogger = ""


            Next i


            strLogger = strLogger & vbCrLf & "-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" & vbCrLf


            Item.Body = strLogger & Item.Body



            Set objAtt = Nothing


    End If

End If


Exit Sub

End Sub


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oh  I forgot....the script also modifies the original email and says it stripped the attactment out and provides a link to where it is.

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Thanks for all the replies.

Madjax: I wanted to give your vba code a try - If all the emails have been put into a particular folder within Outlook, how do you run the macro on just that folder and not anything-else?
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you can run the outlook rule on any specified folder. When you wanna run the rule, you're asked where you wanna run it.
thanks for the points

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