i want to print this image in 8*10
but when i do this actual pixels image not look good
how i do this
that my image look good

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How far away will the intended audience be viewing the image?

Your current image has a lot of JPEG noise and has pixel dimensions for 72 dpi at 96x120. If the audience will be viewing at close range you'll need a better image. If the audience will be back a distance what you have might be just fine.
Can you say how it does not look good?

In photoshop try setting the image dpi to 300 before print see if that makes any difference.
The image quality is highly based upon the original image source.  If it was a jpeg, then at an 8X10 resolution, it probably is not going to look good.  If it was originally taken by a high resolution camera then you should be able to blow it up to 8X10 without any big issues.  
However, it seems to me that the image, since it is a jpeg, will not expand to the 8X10 dimensions you want it to.  This is simply because the photo's original type uses pixels.  As alexmonkeychops said above, you can try setting it to 300 dpi.  In my own opinon, I still do not think that this will work, considering the images original source type.  
The best thing you can do is take the original image (if you have it) and try blowing that up first, prior to messing with a jpeg, gif, bmp, etc.  
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Actually your original is WELL OVER the pixel dimensions required for a good 8x10 print.
The problem is that it's a poor quality JPEG and that the pixel dimensions are setup at 72dpi. Most softwares will figure it out based on the print size you want, but some may try to actually print 122x96 inches at 72 dpi.

I'm attaching a version of the JPEG that's resized appropriately, but realize that it's created by taking a JPEG, tweaking and saving again to a JPEG.
Oops, I attached the wrong one!
(an edit button would be a wonderful thing to have...)

This is what I meant to attach:
chandresh43Author Commented:
you dont understand
8*10 not inches its foot
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