DNS Default gateway issues, Domain, Server 2003

Hi All,
I have a Win3k Domain with X4 DC's all running ok. A new issue has arisen were the default gateway is set to wich is a working ok Netgear VPN load balanced router. Everybody has lost the ability to get web pages.
If i change the DNS entrys on a system from our domain servers to our IPS DNS web pages work.
Even though the Default gateway is direct IP to to netgear VPN router is there a needed DNS entry on my servers. I have looked and there is no DNS entry for the IP on my DC servers.

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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
All of your clients and the server itself MUST point to your internal DNS server as the one and only DNS server, you need to add the router or ISPs DNS servers as a forwarder as detailed at http://www.petri.co.il/configure_dns_forwarding.htm
You don't need a DNS entry for your router's IP address.

Has anything changed?  Is this a new router or was it there (and working) before?

On the DNS server, you could go to the forwarders tab and enter your ISP's DNS IP there.  That will configure the DNS server to forward all requests for external domains to your ISPs DNS server.   This doesn't help find the initial cause of the problem but it's a workaround to get the users back surfing the web.
Also, check that outbound DNS queries are not being blocked at the firewall.  TCP port 53.
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