Domino Clustering and inotes

Can someone explain to me how I would add our host name to a Domino server cluster with two servers to share the host name for inotes and mail routing redundancy?
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you read up on the clustering options in the Domino Admin client Help.

It contains a good explanation.

There is also an IBM redbook on the subject.

I hope this helps !
mailrouterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If all files on the Domino servers are clustered to all servers in the cluster, you can use various load-balancing/failover technologies to select one of the servers.  If only a subset of the files are clustered, you will need to install a Domino Internet Cluster Manager to determine whether there is a replica on another cluster member and direct the client to an appropriate server.
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KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
Do you know of anyone that has used the ICM and their success/ failures of using it? Speaking for myself, I never used it before, so I am treading on new ground here. We use a Postini spam/virus appliance that routes inbound and outbound mail through that appliance under the one domain name Then once the mail routes inside Postini to our network, It is currently configured to route and send mail through that one host name. Inside the DMZ, I was wanting to setup Domino Mail clustering for smtp traffic only and i notes redirection via ICM. Will the Cluster name hold the value of the domain of for both servers? It appears that postini has a configuration for primary and failover server ip addresses, which, if I'm thinking correctly on this would handle the failover on the ip side if mail was impeded from postini to our smtp servers.  I'm just a bit confused on setting up the cluster to manage two servers with one host name of Any ideas or best practices? So in reference to the ICM and cluster, if equal # of mail files exist on server1 and same for server 2 which both servers run http, then I do not need  to use ICM?
mailrouterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had overlooked the part of your question about mail routing.  The ICM will only help you for iNotes access.  I have used the ICM fairly extensively in the past with a 3-way cluster where each mail file was only on 2 of the 3 servers.  The only real issue I experienced was with older versions where unread marks were a big problem because they didn't replicate between servers and the ICM would send a person to 1 server and then the other.  But that has been addressed.  Do you have any load-balancing/failover technology in place such as a Cisco Content Services Switch or Global Site Selector?  If you do, you don't even really need a cluster to handle SMTP routing.  You just need to have both servers running the SMTP task to be configured correctly to be able to deliver email where it needs to go and let the load-balancer decide if one is down.  Your Postini server would then just be setup to deliver to the virtual address defined in the load-balancer.  A similar setup works for iNotes also as long as you don't need the intelligence of the ICM to determine which servers have the mail flile and the paths to the mail files are the same.
KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
Solution found. Thank you.
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