Unable to logon into Checkpoint SecurePlatform through ssh (putty)

I am no longer able to logon to Checkpoint SecurePlatform through ssh (putty).  Whenever I try, "invalid password" message appears.  I can successfully logon through https and locally using the same logon credentials.  The last change I made prior to this occurring was editing the /etc/passwd to change the admin:x:0:0::/home/admin:/bin/cpshell > bash.  This allows you to logon with the expert mode.   Any suggestions on how I maybe to fix this?
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grimkinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is there anything in the /var/log/messages file?
Are you using putty or a terminal program or are you ssh'ing from a linux command line?

If using the command line, try:

ssh <ip> -l admin    

Editing the passwd file as you have stated above should not have caused any issues - is there anything in /var/log/messages pertaining to the failed login?

For future reference, an easier way to change the shell is:

chsh -s /bin/bash admin
hotrod_952Author Commented:
I'm using putty.  I can logon locally and https, but not with putty.  It doesn't like the password.
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hotrod_952Author Commented:
I can't verify that because the FW is located remotely.  I will need to have the IT support person check it.
hotrod_952Author Commented:
I fix it.   I checked the log messages and indicated that authentication was falling.  I changed the it back to cpshell then back to shell.  SSH is working successfully again.
hotrod_952Author Commented:
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