Static Mail Route - SBS 2003 Server

Hi Experts,

I have a client who keeps getting failures from one domain.  Speaking to their support we believe the problem is with the backup mx servers, who do I configure my clients server only to send email to one specific IP address.
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abhaighConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you define the email domain the connector is to use on the 'Address Space' tab in the properties sheet for the connector
configure a new smtp connector for that domain and point it at the desired ip address
artyatesAuthor Commented:
HI Abhaigh,

Thanks for the informaton - can you send me the setup steps?
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Hello artyates,

wowow, not needed to reconfigure anything, certainly NOT manually, since this is sbs.
First give us the NDR please?
My first guess is the need for a reverse dns (PTR) record for your domainname. You need to ask your ISP to configure this.
But with the exact error mails we'll see...


you can find the instructions here

and here

and if it was a reverse dns problem you'd be having the issue with more than jsut one domain
artyatesAuthor Commented:
Hi Suppsaws,

The error is with the receipients domain, occasionally the client gets a bounce back.  I am liaising with the receipients support team and they want a specific route setup so they know the email is always being sent to their primary MX record.

how are you sending email, via DNS, or via a smarthost?
The BEST way to configure exchange in SBS is via the CEICW (connect to the internet wizard).
You really don't want to do things manually on an sbs or you -might- mess things up.
artyatesAuthor Commented:
Hi Abhaigh,

Thanks for the info, can you let me know where I put the domain I want this connector to route?

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