CRM Duplicate Detection settings and Customizing help neded

Fellow CRM 4 Experts.  Im going to try to expalin what Im trying to do and why as clearly as I can.  Recently one of our users did something and CRM ended up getting duplicates and the duplication detection didnt stop it.  Im not sure why or what happened.  I know his cell phone had syncing issues as did his outlook but thats besides the point right now.  My boss is all up in arms about the duplicates right now as he wants to do an emial campain.  Ok..i told him we needed to deactivate or delete the duplicates by hand that there is no way for the system to clean it up.  Thats all fine..but what I need to do is make the duplications settings not allow anything to be entered if it detects a duplicate.  I also need to disable the override button for all users but say the administrators.  Thay way they cant change it.  Earlier we had a problem of a user taking another users contats and assigning himself the ownership of the contact.  So I went in and locked everyone down from changing anything.  That doesnt always work so I need to also make it so users cant change the ownership only of a contact or activity but can change everything else.  Can this be done?  I hope so.  Im so new to CRM and honestly I dont like it very much..but I guess that goes to say people dont like unfamiluar things ever so....hopefully I will learn it and learn it fast.

Thanks for all the help
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WilyGuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, so

#1, from your indications, possibly the Cell Phone Sync screwed up the Contacts and duplicated them.  Then Outlook is synching with CRM for Contacts (look in CRM menu under Options | Synchronization and see if Contacts is checked).

#1B, unchecking the CREATE option (leave a big round red circle) in whatever Role you have for your users for the Import Data will eliminate their ability to import.  This won't solve the first situation.

#2 See #1B, obviously you can grant that user a higher privilege that allows it (or create a new role with JUST that privilege and grant that to that user)

#2B, so you don't want the record to save if it is a duplicate....I think that is fixed on the back end by your OOTB rules.  Basically the Duplicate Detection is more of a query than anything else.  It doesn't set a flag or an attribute to my knowledge.  Because CRM 3.0 didn't have any detection, this was a big request, but I might agree that being able to customize the "action" should be better.

#3 is a whole can of worms.  Many companies don't want to be able to have one salesperson see another's data else they will "poach" the data.  There are ways to separate data based on Business Units, etc.  You should probably give an idea of how your structure works.

For instance:
You have 3 geographically located Sales Units East, Central and West.  Within each UNit, there is a Manager and 3 support people and 10 sales people.  The sales people shouldn't see each other's leads or opportunities, but the manager can see all. the support staff can see all (they are secretaries or something).  Obviously, you have to SEE in order to Edit in most cases.  So who can see what and edit what.
So you have a couple of issues it sounds like:

1. Duplicate Detection isn't working?
2. You want to disable a user's ability to override the Duplicate creation?
3. You want to disable users ability to change ownership of anything, but still see and edit anything?

For #1, did they import the contacts?  If so, they can choose to ignore duplicate detection and that is probably how that happened.  You can manually run the jobs though and find them.  Less manual than manual, but not what you hoped.

For #2, not sure you can do this on an import.  First, make sure it is set.  Go to the Settings | Data Management and look at the Rules (do you have GOOD logical rules and they are published?)  Then check the Duplicate Detection Settings (is it enabled and Detecting on all three areas?)  The problem is that Even Salesperson is able to Import Duplicate Records in the Import Data Wizard.  The only way I see is remove CREATE from the Data Import, which will give your users an error when they try to create an Import Job.

For #3, What roles are you using in your organization? (standard OOTB roles or Custom?)  Do you have Business Units other than the First?  Do you use Teams?  Basically, you're dealing with the Assign privilege.

c2csurveysAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  

1:  It is working.  The dupes showed up unknowingly..Meaning Me and the other admin dont know how they got there.  Im 100% possitive that it wasnt through import.  The guy that does the imports knows how to use the detection and it works well.  The user this happend to knows nothing about imports and probably couldnt learn if I showed him.  Is there a way to not allow sales group to do imports?  Being new to CRM completly I have alot to learn about it.

2: Im not so worried about importing dupes as the person is careful and if they show up he does what he is suppose to and then deactivates the dupe.  I want the ability to not allow dupes at all to be saved if I go in and tell it manually I want to create a new contact or account etc.  If I click NEW and then select the rectord type and fill it all in and go to click save dupe detection should show up and alert me right..It is but you can still tell it to save and I dont want it to.

3: I am using the built in accounts, and have everyone on salesmen and maybe 1 other.  We only have 1 organizational group and biz. group.  The way I have it set now it appears they can not change any record that doesnt belong to them at all.  We really dont want this as they make a phone call or send an email for another user and need to track that but obviously we dont want them taking ownership of anything that isnt theirs or that has been assigned to them.

Thanks for all the help and IM sorry if I sound like I dont know what IM doing..but to be honest.  I really dont.  I was handed this and I didnt have a say weather I wanted to do it or not. :)

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c2csurveysAuthor Commented:
#1: Yes this is correct.  They want their outlook client to track the crm contacts so I guess I have to hope they done screw it up. :)  

#1B So the Create option will let them not save a duplicate but still save a new record if its not in there?  I was under the impression it doesnt allow you to create anything..which They need to be able to create NEW records just not duplicates..I know crazy..

#3:---Ok here is our set up..  We are a company of about 100 people.  There are 10 salesmen.  CRM is set up with just 1 company and biz unit.  All the salesmen have an area they are in charge of but more importantly each sales man is in charge of a particular subject that deals with the business.  This is piority no matter what territory the job is located.

Our company does as-built surveying and 3d modeling.  Each salesman is responible for a section.  Say..Hospitality, Industrial, Branding, Capital Projects etc..  If a sales guy gets a lead that actually belongs to one of the other salesman becuase of the territory they still need to be able to change the data in the lead ----> Contact---->Account becuase they could make a sale, but that contact still needs to belong to the salesman whos territory he belongs.  Make sense?

Everyone can see everything.  We are not worried about what is going on but we are worried about the poaching persay.  We had a sales guy take a contact becuase he though it was his..and that started a big problem with the guy it belonged to..and yada yada..  Seeing what they are doing though I was told isnt that important.  Does this make sense?  Every sales person has the CSR role, Marketing PRO role, and Sales person.  Ihave these pretty much open but the change ownership part which I used the ASSIGN attribute.  Other then that I have 1 sales guy which is pretty much in charge of running CRM as a user standpoint and not admin..but he does have most everything open so he can write workflows and stuff.  Im not conserned about him at all though.

I hope all this made sense.  I really appriciate your help
#1B, I meant Create under the Data Import on the Core Records in the Role.  They can't create a Data Import Job.

#1A, yes you have to hope :)  BUT, you can go to Settings | Data Management | Duplicate Detection Jobs | New | (the form is confusing) but run it against Contacts in the Advanced Find. (no other query elements).  The best you can schedule is every 7 days.  You can have it send an email to you with a link to the summary of the findings.  You can also write other Rule Detection Rules that will be incorporated.

#3 So the trick here is if Salesman A gets a lead, but it is in Salesman B's area, who gets the credit for the sale?

OOTB, the Salesperson role cannot assign anything that he does not own.  Nor can the Marketing Pro or the CSR.  Each has the 1/4 yellow pie (User) right in the Assign section of the Account, Contact and Lead entities in the Core Records.
c2csurveysAuthor Commented:
#1B--Got it.

#1A- I have detection settings now set for emails..but plan to look at other options.  

#3..No the person that makes the sale gets the sale.  Im not sure why there are terretories..I think its more for cold calling then anything.  They have a section to need to be calling on..when it comes to finding a lead..if it goes to a dfferent sales guy becuase of the scope/job detail then the other guy will get it moved to him.  I think it would be best to convert the contact over to the other sales guy then but so far the boss doesnt agree.  Who am I to say... Im just the IT guy that doesnt really like CRM but has no choice but to learn how to admin it for everyone. :)

I appriciate your help. I wont mark this as a solution yet though as I will test it today..and then report back.  Your help is much appriciated.

So, there is some more questions to answer about the process (and it could branch, but use your imagination on that :) )

So Contact exists for Salesperson A and they get a new Opportunity (a lead, but it is with an existing client).  they could then assign that opportunity to another salesperson to "handle".

So for instance I sell CRM, but one of my CRM customers wants sharepoint.  I don't handle sharepoint, but I can pass that "opportunity" to the sales for Sharepoint.  That opportunity could track both the original sales rep, as well as the "Owner" and you could do all sorts of fanciness for creating the Sales Rep based on the initial "owner" and making the field Read Only so that it would NEVER change, no matter how many times it changed Owner.
c2csurveysAuthor Commented:
OK..Ill try and explain our wasnt my idea to do this so...

My user crm manager..(the guy under me) is incharge of importing lists.  He does so and then assigns them to the sales guy (A)for the type of work the list said they were interested in.  We have an inside sales group that basicly makes cold calls on behafe of the salesmen.  If they get a lead that is interested they convert the lead to a contact.  It stays with the sales person(A) that it was assigned to by the MGR.  When the sales person talks to the contact about oportunities..the contact may not have anything for the sales guy to help him with(crm vs sharepoint ex.)  So he may transfer the call to a different salesman (B) he may then get an oportunity and make a sale which he(B) is credited for but the original salesman(A) would keep the contact as it is really in his area of expertiese for the next time they call the guy.  Sales guy (B) needs to change the contacts stuff by maybe adding notes or a new emial or whatever but he cant save it as his own contact.(which I have set now and working)  I dont however want them to think they can create a new contact of the same name therfor creating a dupe and still being able to save it..however I do want them to be able to create a new contact if it really is a NEW contact.  
c2csurveysAuthor Commented:
Knows what he is talking about
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