Outlook 2007 new mail notifications but no email in inbox

One of our execs with Outlook 2007 recieves new mail notifications but the new email is not to be found anywhere. Is it ghost notifications or is something else going on. He has only one rule set up that doesn't apply to the missing mail. We are running Exchange.
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nsx106052Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would check all of the user's rules.  You might even want to start from scratch.  The user could have these emails deleted immediately.  I would start there since you are seeing the popup windows for new messages.  You could also try searching for new mail received by date and see if it is hidden in a folder.  
e9zxAuthor Commented:
I did a search of all mail items, just happened to see one fron Winzip pop up so it was a good one to test. He only has one rule, for email from his wife. Not in deleted items, or spam folder either.
I saw something like this happen before, and it turned out that the user had been logged onto another machine connected to email, but the settings on the other machine were downloading the email off the server to a local OST/PST file.  Any chance of that being the case here?

If not, how long has this been happening - just today or longer?
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e9zxAuthor Commented:
Been happening for a few days, he only gets his email on that laptop. I checked and searched OWA as well, including Sync issues Folder.
I would also try searching his computer for any PST files and see if his email is being stored there.  
orommConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A few more thoughts/suggestions:
If you haven't already - disable every rule defined (even if it's only 1) to ensure that isn't part of the problem.  
Are you aware of any recent changes to his Exchange account, regardless of how insignificant they may be?
Any chance the Outlook view is a combination of auto-preview but also showing unread emails (in which case the email is previewed when arrived, then marked as read, then filtered from the current view)?
Failing all that, maybe check the behavior when receiving a large quantity of emails at one time.  Set up 10-20 emails from your own account with a delayed delivery for the same time, and see if the emails appear and disappar all at once, or if you see a delay with each email being removed from the Outlook view.
e9zxAuthor Commented:
Due to the volume of spam he was recieving, he installed a spam blocking software and failed to mention that when we were trying to fix it. A good share of the spam were getting permanantly deleted.As he had done no training, it was pretty randon as to what was getting deleted and some pretty bad spam was getting moved to the spam folder or allowed to the inbox. The delete rule was unchecked and he was trained in the training and all is well.
e9zxAuthor Commented:
You were both pretty close. The user had tried to configure a spam filter himself because he didn't want to "bother us" but hadn't trained it properly. I was set to permanently delete known spam.
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