Routing through multiple switches, help!

Here's the current setup:
Internet ->
Netopia 3347W-ENT DSL/Router ->
Netgear FVS336G ->
48-port switch ->
Servers, Workstations, Printers, and everything else.

I'm still confused on how the routing system works, but somehow or another I'd like to allow access from our outside ip (eg. 59.194.482.19, or something), into the network, so that we can have remote access clients, VPN capabilities, web hosting, any of that.

The LAN side of things seems to be working fine, everyone has internet access, all of the workstations and servers communicate well, but the WAN side does not. What kind of routing should I be setting to get this dream to work? I've tried a lot of different things and have thus far failed miserably.

Any help we be much appreciated.
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MultipathConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It would be done in pin holes, I am sorry I am not familiar with hte interface but I would look in there and create the ports going to the internal ip and port this should solve your problem.
Does your Netopia router allow port forwarding?  If so the solution is easy simply forward the port through the Nettopia to the Remote Access system.  Most router interfaces keep this under application ports.  You simply forward the port for access to the ip address of the server you want to reach.
ringo380Author Commented:
It does have port forwarding to an extent (for example, there is no option specifically called Port Forwarding), there are a few selections that allude to something along the lines of port forwarding, but even the wording within the menus is a little confusing to me, here's a few of the options:

- IP Static Routes
  Destination Network,
  Interface Type
  RIP Advertise

- IP Static ARP
  IP Address, Hardware MAC

- Pinholes
  External Port Start - End
  Internal IP
  Internal Port

- IP Maps
  Internal IP Address
  External IP Address

- Default Server
  NAT Default Mode (Currently set to IP-Passthrough, I believe this is vital for the setup)
  DHCP Enable (checked)
  Host Hardware Address (MAC)

I'm used to the simplicity of netgear/linksys/etc interfaces, and everytime I've attempted to do a port-forwarding-esque solution, I get a "validation error" or something along those lines, saying that there is a  confliction with one of the other settings.
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ringo380Author Commented:
I have tried pinholes, and the issue is that our internal web port is the same as our external web port, and thus the validation doesn't pass because of a "default web server port is already set to 80!" error, or something along those lines.

I really wish they would standardize router interfaces....
Yeah you would have to use a different outside port to the inside port 80 on the system
ringo380Author Commented:
Now, I've set internal port to 3389, the RDP port, and external to 80, and I'm still getting a validation error, hmm.
ringo380Author Commented:
Ack, I believe I've just figured out my own issue. Internal AND external should be 3389.
Let me know if that works.
ringo380Author Commented:
Alright, the strange series of events that occurred afterwards:
- Enabled a pinhole with port UDP 3389 to forward to IP (the RD destination), no dice.
- Figured I had to also change something in the Netgear router, since the netopia goes through the netgear and THEN into the server, so I added a service to the netgear firewall that allows the UDP 3389 service inbound and directs it to
- Netgear Web-based interfaces CEASES TO RESPOND (??)
- Reset the netgear interface... STILL CEASES TO RESPOND. :(

ringo380Author Commented:
Attempted to log on to Netgear router via, get the initial page, and then again a failure on everything else... this is getting odd.
ringo380Author Commented:
Now under a LAN Scanning program, is listed as having a NETBIOS of our RD Server....
ringo380Author Commented:
Now I'm back to the original setup, no progress has been made. The pinhole on UDP 3389 to apparently made my Netgear router (address become confused.

I really have no idea how that happened or where to progress to at this point.
ringo380Author Commented:
Just an update: Everything is "functional", and back to the original configuration as described in the first question posted. I still have been unable to get true remote access to work (as in, without using a web based utility like LogMeIn, etc)
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