Acer Travelmate 4150 fail to boot.

I have a Travelmate 4150. It fails to boot. I have removed the battery and run on AC.
Still having the same issue.
I cannot even see the first POST sscreen.

THe power switch come on for a while and I can hear the fan spinning.
It goes off after a about 3 seconds and nothing happens there after.

I want ot open the laptop up. Does any one have some pointers how to remove the
keyboard and get into the mother board.
I have removed all the screws at the base of the notebook but not able to open it up.
If some one could give me step by step pointiers how to open the notebook it will be appreciated.

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Here is the manual to purchase.. about 10 bucks US Dollar..

I would remove the memory and turn it on.. see if it give you beep codes.. if not then you most likely have a bad motherboard.

To usualy remove the keyboard you need to easily pry up the plastic piece above the keyboard.. as long as you have removed all screws from bottom and back then it should be able to pop up.. then there might be a couple of small screws holding the keyboard in.
asiduAuthor Commented:
I managed to open up the laptop.  Inspected the MB and dont see any capacitors there.

Using the AC  see the fan moves for about 3 to 5 seconds.
Then it goes off.

I dont see any thing on the screen during the short period.

What could be likely be faulty, the bios or the CPU.

I also removed the RAM and tested and I dont hear any beep.
Seems like the CPU is screwed or the bios messed up.

Any comments would be welcomed.
CPU is what handles the fans.. in my experience it has always been the motherboard.. Replacing the MB is prob a 90% chance of fix.
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asiduAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply.

I forgot to mention that there was a thick layer about 1cm built on the fins. This could have caused heating problems to the CPU.

The fact that the CPU is not detecting any changes in the RAM ?
Can it be confirmed that the MB is surely faulty.

Before I buy a MB I want to be very sure.

remove cd and disk drive, and all ram
if it does not beep during boot : bad mobo or cpu
asiduAuthor Commented:
nobus thanks,
I  removed the CD, disk drive, battery, lcd and wireless card module.
Still no beep but same behaviour. Fan runs for a few seconds and stops

The battery charge light is on when I install the battery.
I also see the fan move a little when the AC is plugged into the PC jack.
Nothing appears on the screen.

The fact that POST does not work , could the CPU is screwed up.

Any way to confirm CPU is ok or faulty ?
I dont have a similar working laptop with me. Other wise I would have switched the CPU and

Dont want to take the risk of buying the wrong part.
you did not remove the ram ?  as i asked ?
asiduAuthor Commented:
Yes, also removed the  RAM removed...missed to write that earlier.

I am planning to take the CPU out next.

Any information on the sequence and control of the fan.
Its suggested that the Fan is switched off by the CPU.
Meaning CPU is OK and the problem lies wih the MB.
Do you support that line of reasoning ?

Why does the
it is difficult to isolate a bad cpu from a bad mobo, since they are used together...
you can try if the power button works to power on - and off (hold for 6 sec), that is also an indication.
bad cpu's are rare -  bad mobo's not failure rates about 5-95 %
asiduAuthor Commented:
Thanks fior your inputs
asiduAuthor Commented:
This if for record.
The motherboard of the Acer 5210 found to be OK !!!

I stripped up the notebook. The MB looked ok but could not boot.
Acer wanted to charge 680 dollars SIN for a replacement.
and 400 SIN for the CPU !

The note book had two RAM  of 1 G each one of which wsa Kingston,
I always thought with Kingstons life time warranty the RAM will be ok.

With the 2 RAM strip installed the fan ran for a while and it stopped  immediately on boot.
However, by a mere accident and luck I discovered that one of the RAM strip was faulty.

I got one strip of a working RAM from another PC and tested on the LAPTOP.
The laptop bios was seem and soon the windows appeared.

Glad that note book is working on one of the RAM strip now. Now i have one strip of 1G kingston which I need to send back to Kingston. Hopefully I can get back a replacement FOC.

So the main cause of boot failure has been the failed RAM.

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