Domino Server: Restriction by message Size

Dear Expert

We have an issue concerning incoming email with lotus Domino.

In fact, I have modified sometimes back in the "Configuration Tab -> Messaging -> Messaging seting -> Restriction and control Tab -> Maximum Message size" to 3000 KB.

After, that modification we were not able to receive most of the incoming mail with attachment size bigger than 100 K

And  the most amazing is that the outside sender didnot get any message of failure notification sometimes, so people think that users in our network got the email but we are not getting it really. This situation creates a lot of miscommunication&.

For solution, I completly cleared the limitation we have put in the Maximum message size, restarted the server and reloaded the router configuration with the command : "Tell Router Update Config"

Without success ? can you please help? By the way, please note that we can receive normally all emails without attachment and email with attachment smaller than 100 KB&

Other think which can may be help you to understand more, I have send yesterday a test mail with attachment from my gmail and yahoo account and i got the following error message :
Error From google :
Technical details of permanent failure:
Unspecified Error (SENT_MESSAGE): Connection reset by peer
Error From Yahoo :
This is and permanent error, Ive given up. Sorry it didnt work out
Connnected to but connection died (4.4.2)
Im not going to try again; this message has been in the queue too long.

Thanks in advance
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djdos0Author Commented:
oups, I forgot to cameback on my question ...

In fact, after some search, I found the source of the problem which was our ISP provider LS router and it's OK now...

Remember that the "Maximum Message size" setting applies to all mail being passed through the files on your server.  In other words if it was domino doing the restriction then you any mail bigger than 3000K will be restricted to be sent.  

It sounds to me like there might be a restriction to your router/firewall that sits between your domino server and the outside world.  Or maybe a restriction on your mail filtering system?  

Extract from the Admin Help DB
You can set size limits on messages to prevent large messages from consuming network bandwidth. There are two types of message size limits: a maximum message size and a low-priority size range. Messages that exceed the maximum message size are returned to the sender as undeliverable. Messages that are smaller than the maximum size, but that fall within the specified size range, are marked low-priority and routed during off-peak hours (12 AM to 6 AM by default).
IBM® Lotus® Domino® uses the maximum message size you specify as the upper limit of the low-priority size range. Before specifying a low-priority size range, you must set a maximum message size.
The size restrictions you set in the Configuration Settings document apply to every message the Router handles, regardless of whether the message is inbound or outbound, routed over IBM® Lotus® Notes® routing or over SMTP. To set a unique size limit on some part of your messaging traffic, you must set up distinct routing paths for that traffic and then create separate Configuration Settings documents for servers on those paths. For example, if you want to place a 500KB limit on inbound SMTP mail and a 1000KB size limit on internal mail, create two Configuration Settings documents: one for the servers that receive mail from the Internet that specifies a 500KB size limit and a second for your internal mail servers that specifies a 1000KB limit.  

So I do not think it is your Domino server.  

Hope that helps

djdos0Author Commented:
other information, we can send some file with size ( 6 MB) to external, it's just the reception...
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djdos0Author Commented:
In addition, we are using ISA server 2006 as firewall and symantec endpoint 11 & symantec domino mail server.

I suspected first the antivirus or anti-spam to block the email with attachment and I disable all there services, but the problem was still the same after a test.. and the log on ISA are corrected ..
SO before you made the modification everything was working.

How long after the modification did it stop working ?

Do you have the latest updates and patches for all Domino, Symantec and MS on this server ?

I hope this helps !
djdos0Author Commented:
before, I made the modification evrything was working perfectly and I just seen the problem 1 week after.. I have the latest pacth for MS but symantec and Domino I am not sure..
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