Hi All,

Is it possible to word wrap the selection options in HTML?

I want the use to choose between three sentenses, but they are pretty long, so would like to word wrap them.

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Chad HaneyConnect With a Mentor Chief Technology OfficerCommented:
With the select option this is not possible.  As Identified by qwerty I would recomend an Ajax control, or create a custom control utilizing css to hide the options until the form button is clicked, then when the option is selected it populates a hidden input field with the select value, and you populate a readonly input box (or just a span) with the text value.

here is a mock up:
function showValues(){
function setValue(theValue, theText){

<input type="hidden" name="selectValue" id="selectValue"/>
<input type="text" readonly="readonly" onclick="showValues()" id="displayValue"/>
<ul id="selectOptions" style="display:none">
<li><a href="javascript:setValue('[SelectValue]', "Item 1");">Item 1</a></li>
<li><a href="javascript:setValue('[SelectValue]', "Item 2");">Item 2</a></li>
You can define word wrap in css and call that class in Select option. It is possible.
detox1978Author Commented:
can you provide a sample as i can't get that to work
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<!-- html -->
<select name="mySelect">
    <option class="optionWrap"> ...</option>

/* css */
    width: 100px;

Set the width should do it.
detox1978Author Commented:
I want to word wrap (put one option on several lines).

The code you present, doesn't do this.
You need to create a custom control for this. Either a Telerik control or through Ajax ToolKit.

Refer this:
detox1978Author Commented:
can you give a little more information?
detox1978Author Commented:
I guess i could use CSS to make a combo looking box that does this.
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