Nexxtech NX2 DRW-6S160PX06C CD/DVD Burner Won't Work

I've been able to get this thing to work in the past, but I forgot how.  I got a new computer and whatever I did to get it working on the old computer I have since forgotten.

I think Nexxtech is the Circuit City store brand and the real mfg is Lite-On.

I'm running windows XP and the good news is that the drive is recognized..  The error I get when I put in a DVD isn't really an error.  It just keeps saying 'please insert a disk into drive E:', but of course, I've already done that.  

Yes, it is a valid DVD (it works in another player and it is unscratched).  Yes, external DVD devices do work on this computer (I have additional external DVD that work just fine)
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tomandlisConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
If I remember correctly the fix was something to do with deleting upper and lower buffers and or dma

try this:
tomandlisAuthor Commented:
ORBYX Electronics is the actual manufacturer, but I can't find any support for this model.  Mfg date is june 2006
tomandlisAuthor Commented:
FYI: the vendor support desk was no help.  Read below:

From: Stuart Gardiner []
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 6:31 PM
To: McDonald, Tom
Subject: RE: Nexxtech NX2 DRW-6S160PX06C CD/DVD Burner Won't Work

This would appear to be a US model number. Unfortunately we do not always have the same products available within Canada for sale through The Source by Circuit City as were offered in the US. Our technical support department is geared only for support of Canadian products. Please refer to the US portion of for assistance. While we realize that the situation with Circuit Citys liquidation is regrettable we are unable to provide support for their products due solely to having little or no information on them.

Orbyx Electronics Support
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tomandlisAuthor Commented:
here is the product page, but I don't see drivers listed there...
tomandlisAuthor Commented:
That did it...yeah!  If it hadn't I was going to reset my dma like I saw described here but I didn't have to do that.
tomandlisAuthor Commented:
well, I spoke too soon.  The drive started working, but only for cds...dvd not recognized still.  
tomandlisAuthor Commented:
just going on memory, but I think the next step to fix this was to install Nero.  somehow I think Nero corrected the configuration....
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