(XP) helpsvc is not in services or the registry (Help and Support)

I first noticed the issue this morning when I tried to remote into a users box. I found that somehow the option has been removed from my system after researching and checking the registry. I assure you that I haven't removed or deleted anything that would affect that. I have tried updates and a manual script to reinstall, any sugeestions before I blow this thing and reimage?
Here is one of the errors: windows cannot find 'helpctr.exe'  
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souseranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried these steps?

Unable to load Windows Help and Support


Is it possible that some kind of registry cleaner has been run on some of these machines?
captgriggsAuthor Commented:
I tried the steps and it didn't work. It probaly wouldv'e however, I found lots of none related errors as well so, I decided to reload ap. Thanks for your advice though!
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