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I have an Acer laptop with Vista Home Basic. Internet access has failed (perhaps when trying to do Norton Live Update). Diagnostics suggest "Restart DHCP" but this causes "Error 1075 The dDependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion. Solutions to similar problems related to WinXP or 2000 don't work.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Thanks for the update, am between meetings, so briefly a few Vista-related links that I hope help.
The default gateway setting is lost when you wake a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep
Check configurations in Router as well, may need to be updated/corrected.  What type is it?
A Windows Vista-based DHCP client computer may lose its IP address after the computer resumes from sleep or from hibernation

When you try to remotely administer a DHCP server from a Windows Vista-based computer, you cannot find the DHCP scopes
When I've had a similar problem with Internet Connection and Vista Ultimate/IE 7 - I did a shutdown, turned off modem and hit the reset on the Sybase Router.  Turned modem back on and at reboot accessed the Router software to validate configurations.  Non-static IP environment, as I recall.  It worked fine.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
What version/product type of Norton?  Know that Norton 360 V2 had problems that sound similar and uninstaller had to be used to then upgrade to V3 where LiveUpdate ran OK.  Also, what update level are you for Vista and IE?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I'm baffled by the error number, since it looks like a print spooler issue.  Did you pull that from Event Logs?  Do you have a Router involved and/or tried resetting modem/router?
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Virus/Worm/Trojan - Spyware action can also impact this.  Good article here:
There can be many reasons, some of which are listed below with links as well.
An ADSL router may restart occasionally after you install Windows XP ...
... in which an ADSL router (DSL modem) may restart occasionally after you install Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista. ... may occur when Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista sends out DHCP ... The default gateway setting is lost when you wake a Windows Vista ...
... setting is lost when you wake a Windows Vista ... The computer is configured as a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP ... Restart requirement You must restart the computer ... A Windows Vista-based DHCP client computer may lose its IP address ...
Fixes an issue in which a Windows Vista-based DHCP client computer may lose the IP ... To apply this hotfix, you must have Windows Vista installed. Restart requirement
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:
JoeFriswellAuthor Commented:
Fisrtly, thanks for your quick replies and my apologies for failing to understand how the exchange works (not helped by my time zone being shown incorrectly - I'm actually in the UK on time GMT+1)

In response to astaec's first reply: Security is named as "Norton Security Online provided by BT Yahoo Online Protection". However, this has worked on the laptop for over a year so I hope the version problem is not relevant.

Vista variant is given only as Windows Vista Home Basic, copyright 2006 while IE is v7.0.6000.1689
JoeFriswellAuthor Commented:
Concerning the error message, it comes about as follows.

I run IE but am told it cannot display the webpage (or, indeed, any other).

Running diagnostics results in advice to "Restart the DHCP client service".

To do that, I run services.msc & select DHCP client. Status is blank, ie not running, startup automatic and Logon As local server. In the left-hand pane is an option to start the service. A click on this gives the message"Windows could not start the DHCP client on Local Computer. Error 1075: The dependency service does not exist or is marked for deletion."

Following this up, I found several references to print spoolers, so I understand astaes'c comment.

Yes, there is a router involved and yes I've tried restarting it. Meanwhile other machines use it normally.

Earlier I tried attaching the laptop to the router by cable. My recollecton is that this did not work, but for a short period afterwards internet access over wireless connection was possible. I think it ended when I tried to update the Norton virus database. Connection was broken & i've not been able to re-establish it
JoeFriswellAuthor Commented:
As astaec suggests in his third comment, a virus/trojan/worm may be responsible.

I did come across an example of this years ago where  a worm disabled the internet and virus checking. In that case, however, I knew the name of the worm, was able to download a vaccination program to a floppy on an uninfected machine & then run it on the infected one. The problem now (if it is of this nature) is to work out what the invader is called. Any ideas would be welcomed.

Astaec's other references I have regrettably not yet been able to follow uo, but will let you know of any developments as soon as possible.
JoeFriswellAuthor Commented:
My thanks also to uetian1707, but my first look at the references cited are thatnthey refer to WinXP and 200 and seem to cover ground I have already been over.
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