Sip Proxy Software for Nat Traversal

I have an issue with my mitel platform that its showing Private ip addresses hopefully im aiming at the right thing i need but my pbx needs to have in the outbound proxy section
a local internal address so it can hand out public addresses for doing i believe nat traversal

Ive looked everywhere teksips ive tried but no luck im not trying to aim for a linux box being that if i put this product to multiple sites many of them dont have a linux box..  and just a windows machine ....

or if anyone has messed with just a vmware i could ....

OR a cisco sip aware firewall i have a 1841 router.... with 12.4

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MultipathConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should look into the astaro software or hardware firewall for SIP proxy I use this as a solution for a customer that does VOIP for multiple customers.
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