How can we edit a Powerpoint doc?

We have someone that was sent a powerpoint attachment. This attachment was an Organization chart. Our admin assistant would like to be able to edit different areas of the chart, but it's not allowing us. Is there a feature that needs to be turned on or installed from the original Office CD?

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theras2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe the file has been locked so that you can't modify it.  Is the file a .pps?
msdadminAuthor Commented:
No it's a .ppt
Are you able to modify anything in the ppt, e.g. just add another slide or another text box?  If so, then it sounds like your chart has been inserted as just a picture.  You can only copy the picture into a drawing program like MS Paint and draw extra things onto it.

If you can't modify anything, then it sounds like the only security available is a password.  In 2003, go to Tools, Options, Security to see it.  In 2007 look at this Prepare menu in the Office button [as attached].
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MYCUConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Perhaps the person who sent the document has permissions set up to where your admin assistant can only view the document and not edit anything. If that is the case, the person who sent the document will need to go in and change the permission type for the admin assistant.
msdadminAuthor Commented:
OK this is what happens, when we try to click to edit the fle it says "The Microsoft Organization Chart server application can't be found. Please contact your system administrator to install this server application."

Would this be on the installation CD somewhere? I tried doing a repair to see if that my correct but no luck.
msdadminAuthor Commented:
I did more research on Microsofts webiste and found the download that fixes the problem.
It's on this page:

Thanks everyone for your advice.
GlennaShawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just FYI, see also this: for a very complete answer.
msdadminAuthor Commented:
I was able to find my own solution just by searcing Microsofts website.
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