Mdaemon external email a/c problem

Hi experts,
Let me explain my email server scenario first:
1, 2003 server with Mdaemon 10.0 installed and running perfectly with many restricted user accounts that can not send and receive emails to and from external network.

Couple of accounts (managers and IT persons) who can send and receive emails to and from external  network using either the world client or their outlook, but all the users connected to the LAN and using mdaemon servers IP address as their POP3 and SMTP. (As usual practice).

We have a website hosted and 6 email accounts I have created on the website that is also configured on my Mdaemon server to collect pop3 emails from that web accounts and redirect to the same email a/c I have created on the local server.
One of the new hired manager got his laptop and wants to configure his email a/c on his laptops outlook (no problem) but physically he is like continuously on the go and do not want his laptop to connect to the office LAN. The problem is I did make his a/c on our website (e.g. that has the POP3 and SMTP as (both the same) as this user is not on our LAN so Im using this in his outlook.

This user can send email to any network whether it is Yahoo or Gmail or our network e.g.  and can receive emails from any external network EXCEPT

I havent created his a/c on my Mdaemon server as this user does not reside in our LAN, but when I see someone emailing him from our LAN ( ), all the emails are queuing in the local que and  dumping into the BAD QUE means none of the email to his a/c making out to his web based email account e.g.

OK, I have created his a/c on the local Mdaemon database and put checked on MultiPOP and then configured his MultiPOP, from then all the emails are dumping into his local folder as expected.

Just FYI, I havent used DomainPOP and not know whether this is the solution for my problem or not.

Any onther thing if any expert want to ask..please let me know, I have to resolve this issue ASAP.

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moorhouselondonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why not use WorldClient?  This is an IMAP web-based client.

I am not sure of the reason for the necessity to have a Web-based system that is hosted on the system where your website is located.  It is, in my view, preferable to separate the two and administer them separately.
If I have understood your problem properly:-

Use IMAP for his account, so that when he logs into his mailbox using either WorldClient or Outlook, he gets his full list of emails.  Also I would disable POP on his account too, otherwise the email client may delete all messages in his mailbox, having downloaded them locally.  

You will of course need to configure your firewall to Forward Port 143 (IMAP) to the Mdaemon server.

DomainPOP is for when Mdaemon is picking up mail from a remote mailbox, such as your ISP, so I don't think this is what you want.
amshaAuthor Commented:
thanks moorhouse for your reply.

please guide me that do I need to make all the necessary changes for IMAP to his account on Mdaemon server and on his particular account, so I suppose that no other accounts are affected from that...right?

When all the email accounts (residing in our LAN)  sending mail to his account (not residing in our LAN) are dumped in to BAD QUE in Mdaemon server when did not find his mail account configured in local mdaemon database. and when found, all the emails targeted to his email a/c just dumped in d:/Mdaemon/users/user1/mMSG000****.

I want to make sure that particular user can receive emails on his WEB BASED email
and for that purpose all the emails must get thru my Mdaemon server when his a/c would not found on my server.

am I missing something, some kind of checkmark or something.
I need to get it done ASAP.

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amshaAuthor Commented:
may be you couldn't get my point, in other words I want to make sure that the every internal email sent to that particular ID must go in remote queue in mdaemon.

Changing his account to IMAP will not affect anyone else's mode of picking up email: correct.

I think you should aim to have one account for him and to think about accessing that one account in different ways, rather than pushing mail out to him.  If you do want to push mail out then you need an email address for that which does not "fold back" upon itself.  With one of my clients they have several sites with inter-site traffic - one way to ensure they each get mail is to register domains for each site and then when an email goes to from, the system is setup to know that is "somewhere else", not "here on this server".  It depends on local circumstances how you do it.

You've mentioned WEB BASED access.  Are you talking about WorldClient (the webmail component built-in to Mdaemon), or are you talking about something like Gmail?  If Gmail then this is like being in the example I gave above.
amshaAuthor Commented:
You've mentioned WEB BASED access.  Are you talking about WorldClient (the webmail component built-in to Mdaemon),---No I'm not talking about worldclient,

or are you talking about something like Gmail?  If Gmail then this is like being in the example I gave above-----this is exactly  my point..I have talked to my webhost where our website hosted..and asked for the IMAP support that is by default -NO support for IMAP.. and just now I came to know that they  DO NOT have any kind of IMAP support for any hosted site.

thanks for your replies moorhouse now what should I do?

amshaAuthor Commented:
Ok my ISP doesn't provide me the IMAP solution so I'\m stick with POP3.
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