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Dear Friends,
I'm having some slow experience with my Presentation Server 4.5. I have some users accessing the system with a DSL connection and VPN. Some times the users complain about a slow citrix speed. The beavior is that, when they try to use some application, it opens the session fast, but when we want to write the user and password for that app it gets stuck. After a whille the letters that I wrote before appear in the field. I'm getting this with every connection using Wan. There isn't any problem with my structure because some user can access the system without any problems. Can someone help me on this? Thanks in advance.
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toxicrainAuthor Commented:
Hello, I solve the problem activating the sceening option on server. With this option it solves the problem. It's the standart configuration for satellite access.
Some things...

A) confirm the users are using the Web Client and not the Java Client

B) have the affected users make sure they using the latest Citrix Client (if these are company assets install upgrades when they are in the office next, if personal assets send the affected users links to the client on Citrix's Website)

C) have other users find out if at the same time they have no problems (rule out network bandwidth congestion to your server or on your Internet connection) - have you outgrown your connection? Install bandwidth monitors, run reports, subscribe to off-site latency monitor services that will test your connection and alert/report on issues.

D) if non-company assets have the users make sure they are clean - normal stuff - virus, malware, etc.

These are things to come to mind.
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