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Cisco Wake on LAN

Last Modified: 2012-05-06
I'm trying to setup wake on LAN for my server guys to be able to wake up a pc in order to push updated to them during off hours. We are using a package called "LANdesk" to wake up the pc's with. Seems to be failing every time. We installed wireshark on the LANdesk server and it's sending out a WOL packet on port 8.
Below is the WOL config I am using in my core router:

interface Vlan1
 description Servers
 ip address
 ip helper-address
 ip helper-address
interface Vlan215
 description WakeOnLAN Client Test
 ip address
 ip helper-address
 ip directed-broadcast 100
ip forward-protocol udp 8
access-list 100 permit udp host any eq 8

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The clients we are trying to wake up are physically connected to another cisco catalsy 2960 switch. All the portsa on that switch are setup for "spanning-tree portfast" per my cisco document. The switch is also setup as a vtp client in order to recieve vlan information from the core 6509.


We tested waking up a pc on VLAN1 and that seemed to work. Looks like the issue is more specific to crossing the vlan boundaries.
Ilir MitrushiIT Infrastructure and Security Architect



From reading that is looks like I should be a static ARP entry into the core switch for the LANdesk server which is the box generating the WOL packets. Am I interpreting that correctly?
Ilir MitrushiIT Infrastructure and Security Architect

This is what I think about how this trick works. the WOL program needs to target the magic packet to a ip address on the same subnet of the client we want to WOL. On the switch or router responsible for doing ARP for this subnet we configure a static arp as mentioned on this blog. When the packet arrives it is broadcasted and recieved by all hosts on this subnet. Obviously the ip address used shouldn't be assigned to a client on this subnet. I am not sure if this is correct but you can give it a try and see.


Well, there is more to the command than just " FFFF.FFFF.FFFF". I'm not sure what all parameters I would need to use. See below

CAT-6509(config)#arp FFFF.FFFF.FFFF
% Incomplete command.

CAT-6509(config)#arp FFFF.FFFF.FFFF ?
  arpa   ARP type ARPA
  sap    ARP type SAP (HP's ARP type)
  smds   ARP type SMDS
  snap   ARP type SNAP (FDDI and TokenRing)
  srp-a  ARP type SRP (side A)
  srp-b  ARP type SRP (side B)

CAT-6509(config)#arp FFFF.FFFF.FFFF arpa ?
  Async              Async interface
  CTunnel            CTunnel interface
  Dialer             Dialer interface
  FastEthernet       FastEthernet IEEE 802.3
  GigabitEthernet    GigabitEthernet IEEE 802.3z
  Loopback           Loopback interface
  MFR                Multilink Frame Relay bundle interface
  Multilink          Multilink-group interface
  Null               Null interface
  Port-channel       Ethernet Channel of interfaces
  Pos-channel        POS Channel of interfaces
  Tunnel             Tunnel interface
  Vif                PGM Multicast Host interface
  Virtual-Template   Virtual Template interface
  Virtual-TokenRing  Virtual TokenRing
  Vlan               Catalyst Vlans
  XTagATM            Extended Tag ATM interface
  alias              Respond to ARP requests for the IP address
  fcpa               Fiber Channel

CAT-6509(config)#arp FFFF.FFFF.FFFF
Ilir MitrushiIT Infrastructure and Security Architect

I think arpa is the only argument needed. Have a look at this free utility. It looks interesting and may be works beyond broadcat boundaries.


no go. I tried the static arp entry and it stopped all RDP sessions into that server.

IT Infrastructure and Security Architect
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