Citrix local pritners not mapping in PS 4.0

n recent week or so I have started having problems where users will not see their local printers mapped at logon. When they go to print they only see ones that we only have installed on the Citrix servers themselves. To try and remedy this I will restart the printer spooler which does not complete because CPSVC will get stuck in stopping status. I have to use pskill to stop CPSVC and then restart both services.

I have been doing some digging though post on here and have come across alot of others that seemed to have this issue. However it usually seemed as though they were having problems with the known issue of CPSVC having a memory leak. We are not having this problem though as I never see the service get above 50 megs at any given time.

We are currently using PS 4.0 on Server 2003. We are also not forcing UPD to be used as we need the specific functionalities of certain drivers. I am also quite often getting events 1103 & 1106 in the event logs.

Also it does look as though client printers are being properly deleted after their session has ended.
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pfcjokerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like Printer Driver issues. I'd do a farm wide cleanup of all Drivers on the servers. Then do a environment inventory - get a list of every printer, install the latest supported Citrix or Terminal Server version of that printer models driver and lock down the farm so users can't add new drivers (fall back to the UPD for any unknown drivers so you are covered in case a user connects with a new printer and then if advanced drivers are needed install them yourself - not letting your users do it).

Also if these are HP printers, may I suggest making your life easier with the HP UPD - it supports 90% of the HP printers and all of their advanced features - will make your administrative life so much easier (not to be confused with the Citrix UPD).
JoyCaraAuthor Commented:
this worked
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