Help setting up an office for 100 percent up time

Dear expert I am task with setting up an office which should be up 100 percent. Office will have 60 users. I would like some help with this solution. I am thinking using the following

1) two 2851 routers
2) One MPLS link at 4.5 for primary and secondary link will be MPLS 1.5
3) Company routing protocol is OSPF ( Do i use HSRP and could you provide sample config and drawing to set this up)

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ajeabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if it is only 1 office (assume 1 cuz you said an office), why you need mpls??  you can do 2 core switches with failover+2 edge switches with failover to core.  but nothing is 100%
rcollieAuthor Commented:
Dear Expert, I need to be able to tunnel this office back to main office. I was thinking on the below design but needed a required bandwidth size where users could view image and not limit network performance. Thanks

    I              I *****link A 4.5M  link B 4.5M
   rtrA        rtrB *****Cisco 2851
    I              I
    I              I
=====LAN SWITCH==== **********Cisco 3560
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