VSS 2005 Client for VS 2008

I installed VSS 2005 on Server and created the database, now I need the client for VS 2008 Team System, SSMS 2005 and BIDS 2005, where to find this client application.
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punjwaniConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Forget to update this here is the solution when installing VSS 2005 on client machine, for client tool we select custom installation.
you can use the 2005 client for 2008
punjwaniAuthor Commented:
Where I will get 2005 Client?
punjwaniAuthor Commented:
This is not answer to my question, you are answering me to buy VSS 2005, as I mentioned in my question I installed the server so obviously I need only client so I can install on develpers machine so they will able to add project but I dont want them to create seprate source safe DB.

Thanks for your answer but this is not right I forwarded this question to Microsoft I think I will update this Solution once I get the information.

Thanks for solution.
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