tips and advice on AOL chat rooms.

I need full info on AOL chat rooms.
Do I have to use AOL as my ISP?
Is there a chat room for each large city or state?
what other info can you tell me?
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nickg5Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
THIS is what my friend was using:
I was at his house and he got there in a strange way, so I did not write down webpages.
I'm positive this is it because I was a few feet away and remember asking him if all the gals in the middle were his girlfriends.
This is definitely, or surely, what I was searching for.
nickg5Author Commented:
I got here by myself, something called Bebo. I'm not seeing a way to select a city or state. A comment on another forum said that using aol chat you can chat with people in your city or area. Anyone know how?
b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:
Chat rooms will be more topic based than regional.  The ones that are popular and attract people do so because of what is discussed.  The benefit of chatting with people outside your area and normal circle is a region some will go to chat rooms.
An exception would be dating rooms or maybe some other specialized chats.  Are you interested in one of those?  If so can you share because AOL may not be the best site?  There are definitely sites and other ways that are more popular for some things.
Does it have to be live?  What type of info are you looking for?  Message boards, news groups, etc can be other sources of info for your area.
Let me know how this helps or if you have a question.
nickg5Author Commented:
I'm looking for a specific chat room on AOL-BEBO-?, on the AOL system "only", wherever it can be found.
I know the name of the chat room.
I know someone who has AOL internet service and goes to that chat room every day . They are not knowedgeable enough about it, same for me, to be able to tell me how. I figured there had to be 100's of EE members who use it.
I've been told I could access this specific chat room, (not interested in any other chat room since there is a "purpose" here), even though I do not subscribe to AOL as my ISP.

Here are the pieces of the puzzle I gotten from other sources.
Q:  anyone know how to chat with Charlotte area persons in AOL chatroom?
A: go to chat area , rooms created by members and search the specific name of the chat room.
...............this does me no good since I can not get to the chat are or to the website that has the chat area and AOL has more than one place to chat, such as BEBO. I've signed up for BEBO but the # people in each room could not possibly be the huge chat population worldwide, and I see no way to search for a specificly named room.
A: It is has been pretty much taken over by Bebo.
...........this means it should be in BEBO but it is not or I'm too stupid to find it.
A: yea it's pretty easy i occasionally shoot in the room myself. I have aol too and just towards the top left of aol, just click the fourth picture tab that says people and when that loads, in the light blue tab bar you'll see chat it's like the second option. click that then you can go to whatever you want on the left column and the specific rooms are on the right tab that you can select. let me know if you got it.
...................this still does not tell me what website.
A: you need regular AOL loaded on ur puter
my Q: My internet provider is not AOL.....where can i get the regular?
A: doesn't have to be ur IP, download the program
you won't be able to chat on bebo or aim
------------------------------------------------------------- I went back to the guy who said "let me know if you got it?
I said, not sure, do I go to to get it? and no response.

I've been to AOL, I see no way to download any chat software.
So above my friend, who is in that chat room everyday, says he has AOL as his ISP but does not know if it is required. Then another anwer above said the room I'm looking for is on Bebo but I can not find it, and another said you won't be able to use Bebo or AIM, so conflicts there.

There all multi millions of aol chat users worldwide and I can not seem to find anyone that knows the process. All the answers above came from Charlotte N.C. residents.
I posted the questions on CL and got those few replies before some cruel person flagged my post as innapropriate (anyone know how to chat with Charlotte area persons in AOL chatroom?)

My friend uses the specific room but is not capable of telling me how I can get there.
He gave one hint: "people connection" if that means anything to anyone.

********************************Well, from another source I get this "just now" this morning................
from someone in New England USA.
and poke around there. I need to check that out........................

I think aol owns bebo or is trying to slowly move all their chattng over to Bebo, not sure.

Also I remember someone telling me to download the FREE version, I do not have to be an AOL ISP subscriber.
b0lsc0ttConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
It isn't usually the ISP that is the key to AOL and its "features" but using their programs.  Can your friend access the chat room you are interested in using the web page you found (  If not what do they use to access that chat room?  Is there a way to see a URL in it?
The site you found is the way AOL has set up for people to use other browsers and the "web" to access their chat rooms.  If you'd like you could even install the AOL program from to probably make it so you can use the same steps they do to get there.  The toolbar may be enough.
One caution ... I don't know if there recent versions are better but installing their programs, especially the main one, will modify IE.  You can still use it as a browser but it will basically be AOL's version of it.  That can have an effect on other sites.
On the main chat site you found there is a way to search the chats.  Scroll down a bit and make sure the search chats option is selected.  You might even need to check the box to search empty rooms to find what you want.  There were some named bebo or about it but all were empty when I tried and I don't know which, if any, you want.  It seems "bebo" is pretty generic so I am not sure which specific "area" (?) you would want.
AOL does own Bebo but how Bebo works or is organized I can not say.  Also their intention and integration with each other I can not say and didn't find obvious info.
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