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I use a batch file to do data backups in my office. Can I also have the batch file create a log file
with time and date info of when it was last executed? Please give example and/or link so i can figure this out.
Thank you.
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qualchoice-itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yep you sure can here is a snippet of a batch file that I use in my office to backup local PST files to a NAS device

@echo on
date /t > \\"servername"\Storage1\pst_backup\%computername%\pst_backup.log
time /t >> \\"servername"\Storage1\pst_backup\%computername%\pst_backup.log
echo close outlook if open >> \\lit-qca-back-01\Storage1\pst_backup\%computername%\pst_backup.log
taskkill /im outlook.exe
stevedantonioAuthor Commented:
Perfect, thank you.
No problem  :)
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