0x00000096 XP Professional

Hey all,

I'm having this problem on about 10 workstations at my place.
Workstations are all Dell Optiplex 755 QC, 4Gb Ram, Ati HD2400XT and XP Professional.

I get this error sometimes, not always, causally on some machines, with different delays of time, already updated all wk's with SP3,all wks in domain with 2003 srv, enterprise antivirus from server - no virus, wks are equipped with office 2003, inventor 2008 (with a ??MSSQLINVENTOR service??) Allplan 2006 and nuthin more.

Already try to format and reset a wk and still have the problem.

Already try to change  RAM modules, nuthing.

0x00000096 error in followed by other error codes different on everymachine, here are some:


No Minidump folder in SystemFolder so no debugging.

Thanks to all!!!!!!
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I had the same issue a few years ago, funny I can remember it but it was just to strange to forget about. I was trying to view the mini dump file about the issue to hopefully resolve but my keyboard wasn't exactly a very good one. It worked but basically sucked so I actually plugged a better one into the problemed PC and the issue vanished! I have noticed that this issue can be harware related or also database related. Does this occur when the workstation is attempting to access a database? I have seen 'similar' messages when a workstation has the executable (front-end) locally and is trying to access a MsSQL table on a server (back-end) and one of the related tables is no longer where it is expected to be on the server.
See here,
Image the Current installation.Research with all softwares and
services to determine the cause of the problem. Some times some third
party hardware or third party driver may cause some serious trouble.

Some softwares May need DEP exception.
Follow the steps below to add them to the DEP exception

1. Click Start
2. Select Control Panel
3. Select System
4. Click the Advanced tab
5. In the Performance region select Settings
6. Click the Data Execute tab in the dialog box that opens
7. Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except for those I
8. Click Add.
9. The open dialog box will open. Browse and select your application.
10. Click Open
11. Click Apply
12. Click Ok
13. Reboot
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STOP error list
netskyb0Author Commented:
I forgot:

- Problem started about 1,5 month ago, wks are working from 1,5 year....no new software....
You could check your network to make sure you don't have a flaky server cable or a bad switch.  Since the computers are all having the issue could it possibly by related to the network dropping off for a short period of time and a database losing connectivity or an application complaining?
netskyb0Author Commented:
PC's don't use any database except the MSSQL for autocad...but is not active....if can help switch are all cisco managed 48port and LAN is certified and tested every 2 month, cat6 cables..so not a problem....if can help it seem the problem pop out using ALLPlan 2006
Most often than not, this is a driver issue.
Check the Dell Support sites for updates of the drivers that are on your Dell driver CDs.

If that doesn't work, please enable the creation of minidumps and attach some here.
(Dumps aren't stored in the \system folder, but in \windows\minidumps)

.dmp files must be renamed to .txt (or any other supported attachment type) before you will be able to attach them.
netskyb0Author Commented:
My minidupm creation is anebled...but even if this the folder minidump does not exist and on my c drive there are no .dmp files around....i'm searching over and over and the problem is still presenting sometimes....this morning:

2 pc hang out durin autocad 2008...blues screen with invalid_work_.....ecc ecc..same error
1 pc hang using allplan...could be my Sophos enterpise antivirus?
I run the verifier.exe from xp and after 3 hours there were no error shown.
Memory test go good
CPU Orthos stress good
the only one strange thing is that i'm not able to re-enable hidden file show.
i did the registry hack...and nuthin...antispyware don't find viruses...sophos keep finding sometimes autorun.inf on usb keys and sumetimes conficker in various version...but always clean...could be related?
Is the Paging file set on the C Drive? If not, thats why you are not getting a dump file....
Did you check the Dell site for driver updates, as I suggested above?

If you don't get any minidumps, and your pagefile resides on C:, then the creation of minidumps needs to be enabled:
My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery > Settings > Save debug information.
netskyb0Author Commented:
I took away sp3, put old drivers..and all works fine.....
That seems to indicate that some of the old drivers - or at least one - do not work together with SP3. This may very well happen.

I once encountered a problem on a W2k workstation after upgrading to SP4 that could only be resolved by updating the printer drivers.

There is a chance (although no guarantee) that minidump analysis will reveal the driver in question.
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