MS Outlook and MS Word

We have users with the following sequence of errors:
1. MS Word: "Unspecified Error"
2. MS Outlook: "Cannot create attachments. Changes made to the item were lost due to a reconnect with the server."
These users are using MS Word as email editor. After few searches on the Internet we decide NOT to use MS Word as default email editor and switch it to Rich Text.
The thing is that these users still get erros mentioned above.
Any tought? Ideas?
Many thanks
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engeltjeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a number of possible reasons for this.
Most common, it is a third party plugin causing this. This can be antivirus, Google or others.
Best way to find out is disable all plugins in outlook.
If it works, enable them one by one, at a given time, when the error occurs, you know what plugin triggers the error.
It is worth a try
Hi there
I also got an unspecified error using Outlook yesterday while working remotely from my office..turns out that my connection had dropped.
Once reconnected, everything was OK.
When this happens again, go to windows exploreer to see if network devices are available and you may also want to check the availability of your email server.
meugenAuthor Commented:
Well, the thing is that all users are in a LAN, so dropping connection  is out of discussion
OK...but devices on a LAN do drop from time to time. I'd look at the email server availability.
meugenAuthor Commented:
Disabling Symantec AV Add-In from Outlook fixed the issue
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