sql server express 2008 limitations

Hi there can you help, I plan to install a piece of software that requires SQL Server Express, the server I will be using will have 2 x XEON Dual core CPU's, I've seen that the express version is not supported for dual core cpu's and I may have to purchase the full SQL Server is this correct? There are only going to be 4 users using this software therefore I'm a bit reluctant to purchase software that is too much for what I need it for.
Can you help
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udaya kumar laligondlaConnect With a Mentor Technical LeadCommented:
SQL2008 express edition will use only one CPU. for limitations of express edition check
dportasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"I've seen that the express version is not supported for dual core cpu's"
That's incorrect. SQL Server Express may be run on a PC with any number of processors or cores. An Express instance can only utilise one processor but it can take advantage of multiple cores on that processor.
ThomBowmanAuthor Commented:
thanks guys, the whole point of using the server with 2 dual cores is for the database, seems a bit pointless using a server with 2 processors if they are not going to be utilised, also it will only use 1Gb Ram, and I will have 4 installed.
Looks like I'll need to purchase SQL Server
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For only 4 users you may well get by with 1GB and 2 cores. Depends on requirements of course. OK for many OLTP -type applications, probably not OK for decision support.
udaya kumar laligondlaTechnical LeadCommented:
you can start with SQL2008 express server and see if it caters the need. if after some time your server starts to show some slowness then you can shift to SQL2008.

one dirty way is to install multiple instances of SQL server and load different databases on different instances. if you install two instances you can take advantage of the system resources.
ThomBowmanAuthor Commented:
both of you have answered my question and advised me on the way forward
Thanks guys
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