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I use LogMeIn free when I need to access a remote PC.  However I need to be able to do this on a PC that I will not have access to so I won't be able to install the LogMeIn software.

Can anyone recommed agood LogMeIN alternative that can be set up with no or minimum intervention on the remote PC

Many thanks
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i like using teamviewer
Using web you can't always do it from away, unless the station has a static IP.
But in a LAN or web access with static IP address, you can a commercial software such as DameWare Mini Remote Control :
Win XP Pro, Vista Business/Ultimate: Remote Desktop Connection (already built in and free)
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kenabbottAuthor Commented:
Many thanks - I thought there was a LogMeIn alternative that needed minimum setup on the remote PC.  As long as its fairly simple and straightforwrd for the end user that will be fine.

Re the Remote Desktop Connection option -what details of the remote PC will I need??
You want to activate the remote desktop on the pc
All you need is:

1) The IP address of the remote machine MUST be static, and you need it.
2) and of course the username and password.

If you are behind a firewall you need also to open the ports used by remote desktop which is 3389
kenabbottAuthor Commented:
The remote PC doesn't have a static IP so I'm back to suggestions for best alternatives to LogMeIn for ease of installation on the remote PC
WRT Remote Desktop Connection:  You do NOT need a static ip.  Get a free dynamic ip address from dyndns.org and set up an updater on the target machine.

Target machine (the host) must be XP Pro, Vista Business or Vista Ulitmate.  Remote machine (the client) can be any version of Windows or a Mac.  The RDP client is now generally available Start->All Programs->Accessories->Remote Desktop Connection.  Client (for Mac and Windows) can be downloaded for free from MS.

Target Machine must be set up to accept remote desktop connections.  Start->Right-click My Computer->Properties.  Click on Remote tab.  Enable middle check box for Allow users to connect remotely to this computer.

When using the std RDP port (3389) no further config on the target machine is required.  As mentioned previously, you will need to open that port on the Internet router that the computer sits behind.  Typically this requires that the machine always has the same address on the local network.  This can be done by setting up a DHCP reservation on the router and port forwarding 3389 to that address.

When you wish to control multiple computers behind the same router, you must configure different RDP listening ports for each machine.  More details on that option if you require it.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
It is no longer free but GoToAssit by Citrix is amazing. The client has to go to a web site and enter a password you provide, and bingo, you have access. Once done you can install it for unattended access if you like, but also it has built in diagnostic tools to allow you assess the remote computer, either user can take control of or share either your desktop or the remote desktop, and it it one of the few that lets you reboot the remote PC into safe mode and still maintain control. You can purchase a monthly, yearly, or per session contract, and they offer a trial period.
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