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Setting up ISLs between McData fabric and HP MSA1000

Posted on 2009-04-02
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-14
I have an urgent piece of work to carry out (aren't they all!)  to migrate 3 sharepoint SQL databases from a HP MSA1000 to a Storagetek FLX380 (aka SUN 6540) before they run out of space.  I have most of the storage device issues in hand, but the joining of the fabric is something I know little about, hopefully someone can let me know of any potential pitfalls etc.

Current Hardware & Setup:

Sharepoint System:
Clustered Win2K3 Enterprise SP1 (2 nodes in active/passive cluster)
Dual channel HBAs connecting to the two 2/8 fibre switches in the MSA1000 (MSA on firmware v4.48; Switches running firmware v3.1.0)
The SQL nodes currently run HP's Secure Path drivers, v3.7.240
Currently no zoning or selective storage presentation setup (aka lun masking)
The fibre switches have licenses for: Fabric, Web & Zoning
Fibre switches have no inter-connect, both configured as DomainID 1

The above is all in an island of its own.  It will need to be connected to another island of:

The SUN 6540 storage controllers (currently on firmware but should be running the latest crystal firmware (v7.x) before this work happens)
Via a single McData Sphereon 4400 switch (firmware v08.00.00 45) - DomainID 10 - Running Open Fabric 1.0
One live service running on this island, which has appropriate zones and lun masking configured.

So I'm looking to connect the two MSA1000 fibre switches to the McData 4400, create new LUNs on the SUN storage, and migrate the databases over where we can then allocate more space to sharepoint before it collapses in a heap.

Current thinking:

Create appropriate Selective storage presentation settings for the current LUNs, and zoning on the MSA1000 switches for the SQL cluster.
Run HP Firmware and driver update package for the SQL server hardware (pretty much all running very early or factory default firmware currently)
Update MSA firmware to v7.00 (to give active/active controllers)
Update MSA fibre switches to firmware v3.2.1c & change one switch domainID to 2
Unplug one fibre from each SQL node & uninstall the HP secure path drivers
Install Windows SP2 (needed for Microsoft MPIO drivers)
Install Microsoft MPIO drivers with DSM for HP MSA1000 on SQL nodes
Install Microsoft MPIO drivers with DSM for SUN FLX380 on SQL nodes
Reconnect fibres to SQL nodes

Backup current McData config
Firmware upgrades using SUN certified firmware: (8.x -> 9.1.0, 9.1.0 -> 9.6.2, 9.6.2 -> 9.8.1)
Restore config if needed

Connect the two MSA fibre switches up to the McData and configure ISL ports both ends

This is where I start to get beyond what I know&.
We have no fabric management software at the moment, so:

Manually configure zoning on all switches to allow SQL nodes to talk with the SUN storage or can I expect all zone information to merge between the switches?
Change the fabric operaton mode to higher supported open fabric?

Create new LUNs on SUN storage for SQL cluster
Use Quorum Migration tool to move the quorum drive to SUN storage
Create new LUNs for Database volumes, add them as new clustered disks on the servers
Copy over databases offline and reliable drive letters on the new volumes.
Delete old LUNS on MSA1000 and restart service
Question by:SBK1972_uk
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Expert Comment

ID: 24052056
Oh dear, I went to look it up in the SAN design guide chapter 8 and on page 156 of http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c00403562/c00403562.pdf it says "HP does not support MSA1000 with the MSA SAN Switch 2/8 in dual interoperable, heterogeneous SAN configurations."

I think you'll have to replace the switches in the MSA with f/c interface cards and plug them into the McData as a normal SAN box rather thasn one with integrated switches.

Author Comment

ID: 24059403
Ahh, yes this could be a bit of a show-stopper...  Although the same page describes this config as:

"A dual interoperable, heterogeneous SAN consists of two fabrics, with each fabric comprised
exclusively of switches from a different series."

Which is not strictly what I'm planning, as I want to connect the 2/8 (B-class) switches to the McData.  

Incidentally, Brocade who now own McData, now call the sepheron 4400 the M4400, does this indicate its an M-Class equivilent?
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Expert Comment

ID: 24059776
es, HP call the McData Sphereon M-series, Brocade like the one in your MSA B-series and Cisco C-series.

The main thing about supporting merging fabrics is that you don't lose the zoning info, you can probably get away with putting both into interop mode, changing the domain IDs and plugging them together. You ight have to re-zone the switches in an unsupported config but they will probably connect fine otherwise. Even though there's only one switch in each domain you still have to follow the merging fabric instructions.
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Author Comment

ID: 24061437
Ok, the M,C,B series labeling makes sense.  Am I correct in thinking that all swtiches in a fabric need different domainIDs? When would you have multiple switches with the same id?  

If I backup the configs on the mcdata and 2 MSL switches before plugging them together, I can restore the existing zones.  I will then need to create a new zone to connect the SQL cluster through to the SUN storage.  Will this need to be done on all switches, or do the ISLs allow the mcdata switch to see WWNs on the other switches?

Lastly, the merginc fabric instructions you mention, do you mean the ones on page 145?
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Accepted Solution

andyalder earned 1500 total points
ID: 24061646
Domain IDs all have to be different on a single fabric, you also have to use interoperability mode on them so they all talk the same language (it disables vendor-specific features). Once they are joined you should see all ports on all switches using either the Brocade or McData management interfaces.

My bad, the merging instructions are in this manual - http://bizsupport1.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c00100962/c00100962.pdf

Author Closing Comment

ID: 31565763
All sorted now, thanks for your input / help

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