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Im trying to put a default route into a 3750 pointing to the inside interface of a pix. At present there is a learned route going across a wan for internet access. I want to put in an extra floating default route to point to my pix which also has an internet conection. when i enter (config)#ip route 150 into my 3750 it doenst show up int the routing table --  is a legitimate necxt hop. How do i get the route to show up

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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is normal.  It won't show up until the default learned from the WAN (the better route) is no longer available.  Once the WAN default goes away, you will then see the floating route in the table.
try this "show ip route" . you should be able to see the floating static route that you configured.
the active routing table (when you do a plain "sh ip route") will only show active routes.
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