Access 07 crashes when trying to import or link to MOSS 07 list

Trying to link a sharepoint list with access.  If I just try to import data I get the error.  If I link it comes thru but when I try to view the data I get the error.

Error:  Microsoft Office access has encountered a problem and needs to close
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cdrakoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well reinstall did not work - I will log it as an unresolved bug for now....
puppydogbuddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here are specifc instructions on how to link sharepoint lists with Access 2007.   You should compare this to the steps you followed during your implementation.  Undo your link and start over again. following these instructions.
cdrakoAuthor Commented:
these were the same steps I was following.  Still didn't work - help desk is coming today to reinstall Access maybe that will help...
Yes, when nothing else works, do an uninstall/reinstall.
cdrakoAuthor Commented:
I'll let you know if it works...
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