Dell Monitor issue

I have the ultrasharp SP2208WFP  22". the problem i'm having i believe might be related to backlight issue.  When i first turn monitor on, it works fine, then a few seconds later goes dar,, but i can still see the image on the screen with flashlight and kinda without it.  if i turn off and back on..same thing..any idea how i can fix this myself?
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IKZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably the inverter-- I recommend while you're there- just replace the backlight and the inverter.
jasonmichelAuthor Commented:
i was  told the inverter was probably ok because i can see the image...but something about the lamp and caps..but i'll probably take your advice just to be safe.  question is...where can i find those parts?
jasonmichelAuthor Commented:
i'll probably have to take the monitor apart to get the model of the dell board and backlight won't I..that list don't seem to have my monitor listed
typically the problem is electrolyte caps going bad...

If your good with a soldering iron, you can occasional avoid buying a new inverter, pending the price vs what equipment you have...  

As you can see form link, sometimes the p/s and inverter are on the same board...

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