CSV export specification in Access 2007

I recently upgraded to Access 2007 and can't find a way to export to a csv file either using the UI on the ribbon or in VBA. I expect to use transfer text in VBA but expect I will need to create an export specification. I have done that in the past with 2000 and 2003 but now in 2007 export to csv doesn't seem to be a choice.

thanks in advance for your help
Robert WardlowPresidentAsked:
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Robert WardlowConnect With a Mentor PresidentAuthor Commented:
My problem is that this window doesn't come up. The export dialog ends without this window and without the advanced button in any other window.

When I step through a text export I don't get any choices. I only get to name the file and then the export comletes without giving me any choices.

I am going to try to re-install Office

Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
click on External Data
on the Export Groups select Text File
in the FileName, cahnge the extension to .csv
then just follow the wizard

at the end you can save the export steps

to gain access to the export Specification click the Advanced button before Finishing the export.
Robert WardlowPresidentAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment.

I have done what you recommend. After I save the export steps, there is no advanced button.

Is there some choice somewhere to disable the advanced button?

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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:

to gain access to the export Specification click the Advanced button **before Finishing** the export.
Robert WardlowPresidentAuthor Commented:
There must be something wrong with my installation.

there is no advanced button. I have now been through the whole sequence several times.

thanks for your help. I need to find out why I have no advanced button.

Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
see this image

maybe it is because you are pressing the tick box to keep current format :)
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