DNS issue with website from inside network

Hi all,

I am having a very weird issue. My client just had their website moved to another location out on the internet. The OLD ip address of their website was: The NEW address is My client's internal network continues to see:

If I manually map the hosts file on the server I can get there. I've checked, rechecked, and checked again through DNS and cannot find an entry for www.domain.com with the old IP, nor do I have one for the new IP. The internal FQDN is natrelusa.local, external domain name is natrelusa.com. I've also just done something as simple as "ipconfig /flushdns /registerdns" and it's good for a few days... then reverts back to the old address.

Any floggin ideas?

Running Websense, PIX firewall, Server 2003.
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DarylxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would change it to what I said earlier just to avoid any problems in the future.  If you set it up my way, any requests for anything other than www.natrelusa.com, for example ftp.natrelusa.com will be forwarded to the correct external DNS server.  

If you leave it the way you've set it up, any future changes to the external natrelusa.com zone will need to be replicated on the internal natrelusa.com zone otherwise the changes won't work from within the LAN.
Their DNS server may have a zone for their external DNS address. Check that and update the entry.
tamaneriAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,

I just created another forward lookup server in DNS on my server. I created it natrelusa.com and then gave it a www A record for the proper IP address. I then did a /flushdns /registerdns. This resolved it momentarily (flushing and re-registering, as it has in the past).

Wonder if the new forward lookup server for natrelusa.com will resolve it for good?
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That should fix it for good.  There is an issue to be aware of.  If the only entry in the external natrelusa.com zone is www, then that's ok.  However, if you send email to someone@natrelusa.com, that will fail within the network.  The reason for this is that there are no MX records for natrelusa.com on your internal DNS server.

A better fix would be to create a new zone on your internal DNS server and name the zone www.natrelusa.com.  Then within that zone, create a blank A record pointing to the appropriate address.
tamaneriAuthor Commented:
Having no issues sending internal e-mail since I made the change. Do you suggest I make this change now?
tamaneriAuthor Commented:
Have not had an issue since this fix. You are the man!
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