Trying to connect Netgear FVS318 to Linksys AM200 DSL modem

Hi - I'm trying connect a Netgear FVS318 VPN Firewall router to a Linksys AM200 ethernet modem.

I want the Netgear for port redirection for VPN and Terminal Services and to act as a hardware firewall. I used this many things but can't get hold of the modem I normally use and the Linksys is very different.

I can access the Internet through the modem only which has a single ethernet port but as soon as I link the Netgear it runs through it's setup, detects the connection type as a fixed IP, asks you to input network IP details, DNS servers, etc and continues through the setup until it tells you it cannot connect to the Internet.

Linksys have checked my settings and everything is correct so I wonder where I am going wrong on the Netgear.

Any ideas??


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mikeabc27Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Sorted with help from Linksys, Netgear were hopeless.
If your internal firewall is getting the same outside ip range from DHCP as you have the inside set too this would cause issues.  Why are you looking to use both devices, why not put the vpn firewall on the outside and get rid of the other device all together?
mikeabc27Author Commented:
why not put the vpn firewall on the outside and get rid of the other device all together?
Because it doesn't have a modem.
Post what the issue was so in the future other users will be able to solve this type of problem
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