I reinstalled Windows XP Professional on my Dell Inspiron 6000 Notebook. I am unable to connect to wirelss internet. I checked the BIOS and everything is enabled, even Fn F2 option, it does not work.

I reinstalled Windows XP Professional on my Dell Inspiron 6000 Notebook. I am unable to connect to wirelss internet or wired intenet.  Nothing is coming up, the wi-fi icon is not even lit. I checked the BIOS and everything is enabled, even the Fn+F2 option, yet that does not even work. Is there any way to fix this and if not, would installing a Vista upgrade resolve this issue?
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biscuit3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Right click on "My Computer" go to properties
One of the tabs is labeled "Hardware"
Go to Device Manager
In the device manager you will see the items that you need to have drivers for (Windows XP did not have the correct drivers for the hardware)
With Dell you can get on a PC with Internet access; go to http://support.dell.com enter in the service tag and download the needed drivers and install them on your laptop.
This should solve your problem.
Silly Question but did you reinstall the driver?
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
You need to install the all drivers for your particular notebook - If you havn't got the original driver disks take note of the service tag number and go to the dell support website and download all the drivers there - naturally you will need access to another computer for this
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By the way Vista never solved, only created more problems
Pixies21Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, I'm guessing your drivers are not installed.

Go to Dell's website and you can look the driver up based on the laptop's model.

You can check Device Manager as well to see if there is a ! next to a WLAN card, which would indicate it needs a driver.

Also if you have a wi-fi catcher, make sure that is not in the off position.  Once the software drivers are installed, fn+f2 should allow you to disable and enable the radio.
JeanineLynnAuthor Commented:
Oh my goodness you guys are lifesavers lol. Thank you, it worked! I have another question. The reason that I had to reinstall windows is because my laptop keeps crashing due to I believe a boot sector issue.  I have a friend that took a look at it and he told me to stop using Internet Explorer because that was basically the reason it keeps crashing. He installed Firefox and I don't really like it because I am used to using IE.  It doesn't sound right to me but I don't really know much about things like that.  Could it be possible that Internet Explorer is the cause of the crashing? Must I use Mozilla instead?

P.S. "HARDATIT" I totally agree with you ... I am anti-Vista as well but I was willing to try anything!
Thanks again everyone!!!
Pixies21Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Its hard to tell you if its an IE issue specifically.
What IE version do you have? You could always try upgrading to the latest version.  IE8 was just released recently.

I personally prefer mozilla and I didn't like it at first, but once you use it for a couple days its great.

You could always try to run a checkdisk on your drive or a sfc /scannow to check your system files.

Vista has improved since SP1, but yeah, it still isn't that good.  Wait for Windows7, which is what I'm using now....its a vast improvement and I love it.
hardatitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Generally it's unlikely that a micrisoft product would crash a Microsoft OS. Make sure your up to date with XP service pack three and run updates. I just started playing with Google Chrome and it's pretty bad ass. It's super fast and has some cool features. IE8 is ok but I have run into some web based programs that didn't work on the new platform. A boot sector issue would crash due to incompatible hardware or a bad driver so make sure you update any drivers that reinstall for all your hardware as well. Good Luck.
JeanineLynnAuthor Commented:
It was an old version on IE. I don't know what version it was but I just upgraded to IE8. I will try it out and if it happens again I will try something else.  You guys were really helpful. I will be sure to keep on top of my drivers now! :-)
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