cfchart wont' show label values

Testing out a CfChart and I can't seem to get the labels to show with lableformat set to default.

I would like the values to display by default without the mouseovers so they also appear in PNG format.
<cfchart format="flash"
    chartwidth="800" labelformat="number" show3d="yes" showlegend="yes">
<cfchartseries type="bar" itemcolumn="Billions" seriesLabel="Economic Stimulus Allocation in Billions" paintstyle="shade">    
<cfchartdata item="Tax Relief" value="288"/> 
<cfchartdata item="State and Local Fiscal Relief" value="144"/>   
<cfchartdata item="Infrastructure and Science" value="111"/>  
<cfchartdata item="Protecting the Vulnerable" value="81"/>   
<cfchartdata item="Health Care" value="59" />   
<cfchartdata item="Education and Training" value="53" />
<cfchartdata item="Energy" value="43"/>
<cfchartdata item="Other" value="8"/>

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DigitalmeshConnect With a Mentor Commented:

please try

<cfchartseries type="bar" itemcolumn="Billions" seriesLabel="Economic Stimulus Allocation in Billions" paintstyle="shade" datalabelstyle="value">    
Take a look at Webcharts3d

<coldfusion install directory>\charting\webcharts.bat
ecpeelAuthor Commented:
Sure. Should I target anything specific?
ecpeelAuthor Commented:
That did the trick. The tag documentation in Dreamweaver explains the attribute as datalablestyle ="style". That makes no sense at all unless it takes on a different meaning depending on the chart type.
Thank you very much.
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