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I want to be able to build a lab using Cisco equipment to simulate a WAN. I want to create certain Active Directory environment to simulates real world situations. Does anyone know what cisco equipments do i need to make this happen?

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rootcoolkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can build your lab cisco using GNS3 is a graphical network simulator that allows simulation of complex networks.

Features overview

    * Design of high quality and complex network topologies.
    * Emulation of many Cisco router platforms and PIX firewalls.
    * Simulation of simple Ethernet, ATM and Frame Relay switches.
    * Connection of the simulated network to the real world!
    * Packet capture using Wireshark.
more info:
There are a number of WAN emulators.  We use
Basic WAN environments can be created by using any cisco router. You could get a couple 1700 series or 2600 series routers on ebay for cheep. If you want to simulate VPN then you throw in a couple old PIX 501 or even you a few 800 series routers that support VPN.

All of which can be found cheep used.

I agree with RPPreacher, there are a lot of good WAN emulators out there that will get the job done as well.
WAN emulators will allow you to simulate latency and packet loss.  A couple of routers will not.
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