all handheld data will be lost if you enter your password incorrectly one more time

Posted on 2009-04-02
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
Finally got round to troubleshooting sync issues on my BB 8330.  I've only had a couple of successful syncs, and never with my contacts (because I wanted to know it was working before syncing against my whole outlook contacts list).  

The BB was connecting with BT, then there were problems getting to the Sync configuration on BB Desktop, then the BB wouldn't connect, and at some point (not sure what I was doing or when - didnt document as i didn't think anything could permenantly break!) it started asking for a keystore password.  I tried the PW I thought was the BT key - 0000... then others I might have set 1111... but nothing worked.  On the 9th attempt it came up with;

        "this is your last password attempt if you type the incorrect password, the data on the device will be wiped"

I turned off the BB, and killed the BB desktop process.  Found only one reference to this error in Google and it appears to relate to certificate synchronization:
So i looked at the Certificates on my BB - and under "My Certificates" is one with my name on and a key next to it.    Security level is set to "High (always prompt for password)" and if i try to change the PW I get the warning;

"all handheld data will be lost if you enter your password incorrectly one more time"

I have no idea what the certificate PW is.  I don't remember setting it.  The BB was able to connect to the Desktop without this before and I didn't make any major changes.  I remember the desktop SW was being buggy, and prior to this PW problem started freezing when I went to configure the sync.  I was just ready to try the Contacts sync too!!!

I don't want to lose the contacts on my BB, or the call logs for that matter, or the apps OR ANYTHING ELSE.

I'm too scared to try anything at this stage.  

Question by:jennynover
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by:Gary Cutri
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Hi, just leave the keystore password blank or select cancel if it is displayed on the device.  Also ensure you restart your device by removing the battery.
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At what point is it prompting you for a password?  To unlock the phone or to transfer data?  If the phone is unlocked, can you just access your contacts and such and just write them down?

You should be able to check on your workstation to see if the BT is pairing okay.  If it is just a BT pairing issue then you can attach the usb data cable to your phone and forget the bluetooth.  However the error you gave doesn't sound like a BT error...

If it is not the BT password, if canceling doesn't work - is this connected to a BB enterprise server?  It may be asking for your windows password...

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Accepted Solution

Gary Cutri earned 500 total points
ID: 24060845
Also if you don't need to sync certificates uninstall the option from BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
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Author Comment

ID: 24061000
ok - since this is do or die (ie if you're wrong my BB will self destruct!), i need to be sure that you are sure of a few things;
1. there is no cancel option
2. battery does not effect this password.

I found this post (below)  which may support what you are saying (ie keystore pw=blank), but the stakes being so high - my first priority is to try and backup the device before trying one more time.    I'm going to try with a USB cable - don't have one to hand - would this avoid the certificate issue? will get back to you on that after I try it.

Here's the post (at which also implies that the situation is fairly dire

"There is not a default key store password. Before you do anything else, make a full backup. Now go to Options / Security Options / Key Stores. You may be given an opportunity to enter and confirm a Key Store Password. If you are, do it and you'll be fine.

Unfortunately, the device may think you already have a Key Store password. You may have been prompted to create one when you set up your device, but you may not have been.

If you have a password set on your BlackBerry, try that. You may have used the same one for the Key Store password.

If you are already being asked for a Key Store password, and the 10-try counter is decrementing, then your BlackBerry will be wiped back to a factory out-of-the-box condition when you use up your attempts. At that point, all you can do is restore from your most recent backup. But the password will be removed, and the device will be usable again.

I recently found this tip that I consider UNVERIFIED: Keystore password help
the secret to the Key Password Issue is use your BlackBerry Desktop Manager. It's easy, first back up your black berry, then wipe it and the connect it to the desktop manager and it well ask you to enter in a pass key for your phone. What ever you enter is going to be the pass key store. It takes all of 5 minutes to do and then you can use all features that Research on the Move requires a pass key for.

Author Comment

ID: 24062447
Re-installed Desktop Manager - OMITTED: CERTIFICATE SYNCHRONIZATION from the install - which i must have added last time when unaware of consiquences.  So now it doesn't need to access the Security Cert, so it doesn't ask for keystore password.

BB connection no longer prompted for keystore PW.  One day I will need to fix the keystore PW I guess, but I don't need Certificate Sync, so it may not matter for me.  

Ran Backup from Desktop Manager successfully, but only after errors related to backup of on-board memory, along with an "unknown error"  Both resolved with:

"Turn off Mass Storage Media Mode in Options/Memory and Desktop Manager now backs up the onboard device memory." 

WHAT AN ORDEAL!  this thing takes a masters degree.   Reminds me of the early PIMs in the 90's - group of top nobel physicists were in a plane - one with a PIM - they all tried to configure it but couldn't.  See scientific American

Author Closing Comment

ID: 31566123
Got there before reading this post - but the clue was in your first post ... that this related to Certificates and Keystore PWs.  Thanks so much!

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