Exchange 2007 Address List Rename

Hi experts.

 I am running exchange 2007 and I created an address list using the Power Shell. I then decided to rename the address list int he GUI. however, in outlook it still shows the original name that I set in the power shell. How can I update the name everywhere so that it shows correctly like it does in the EMS GUI?
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esmith69Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Another possibility is that the offline address book hasn't updated itself yet.  Have you tried manually forcing an update in Organization Configuration under Exchange Management Console?
Have you tried re-downloading the Offline Address Book in Outlook?

Tools->Send and Receive->Download Address Book
njmattAuthor Commented:
unfortunately that did not work. but thank you.
njmattAuthor Commented:
thanks, I wound up recreated the AL using the powershell. However your instructions helped update the GAL right off.
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