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How can I improve my conversion rate?

I am trying to increase conversion rate on one of my websites: http://tinyurl.com/dco7lk

This site is in the gold buying niche, where there are a lot of cheesy ads and bad associations. In contrast, I am a "local only" gold buyer (ie. I don't ask people to mail me things), I pay 3-4x more than the cheesy TV guys, and I don't rip people off.

My site does get some traffic, including traffic from searches such as "sell old jewelry in [my city]" or "cash for gold in [my city]" but so far I have only had 1 person contact me from the site (a phone call). No emails. The site has been up over a period of about two weeks and has had 46 visitors total (my own visits are blocked).

What are some things I can do to increase my conversion rate and get these people to contact me for a free appraisal/offer? In my business, even 1 contact a day can mean big money. Getting more traffic won't be a problem, especially once I start advertising and aggressively pursuing SEO. But I want to make sure that no matter how much traffic I'm getting, a high percentage visitors are contacting me.

Some starter questions:
1)  Is the dark color scheme hurting me?
2)  Do I need to add more pages?
3)  Am I giving just enough info, not enough, or too much?
4)  Do I need a professionally done logo?
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
1)  Is the dark color scheme hurting me?

There's a lot of different opinions on colors.  I personally don't care for it but it doesn't make me click away in disgust either.

2)  Do I need to add more pages?

Yes.  By breaking the page up into multiple pages, you increase your exposure in Google and that will lead to more traffic.

Also, it helps to have all the content "above the fold" and that means breaking stuff up into smaller chunks.  Once you have more pages, you will need a nav system to push the user through in the path you want them to take.  Finally, you can add things that people like to see when evaluating a business:  customer testimonials, etc.

3)  Am I giving just enough info, not enough, or too much?

See above.  I would definitely expand that site.

4)  Do I need a professionally done logo?

Not really.  What you really need to do is reorganize the content and introduce a navigation system.  Logos are nice, but ultimately not necessary for what you are doing.
I would add to what jason1178 said, that you could put some keywords on your HTML code like the example below.

My opinion is that the colors look ok and also, I think that you don't need a pro logo design. To get more visitors to your site, you could make an Google Adword campaign. It's expensive. You can invest $10 to start and put more money on the campaign along the time. also participate in forums that are related to your business and that can bring people to your site.

<meta name="description" content="Many people, designers included, think that typography consists of only selecting a typeface, choosing a font size and whether it should be regular or bold." /><meta name="keywords" content="typography, 8 simple ways you can use CSS to improve your typography, For a single-column design 65 characters is considered ideal, I&#039;m using px because it makes the math easier but this also works with em&#039;s, 2-5pt larger than the type size, continuous rhythm in the vertical space, baseline grid, widow" />

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Hi There..!!

The secret to conversions almost always lies primarily in content, with considerations for design. In your case after a site visit here is what I see.

Though you make the comment ------ This site is in the gold buying niche, where there are a lot of cheesy ads and bad associations. In contrast, I am a "local only" gold buyer (ie. I don't ask people to mail me things), I pay 3-4x more than the cheesy TV guys, and I don't rip people off. ----- here in your post, I see nothing on the site to motivate me like "Highest Prices Paid", "Get More Than The Best National Offerings". You can find different ways to word it, but your site doesn't say it.


To me, the inclusion of the words 'Gold Exchange' do imply a sense of professionalism. However, this gets contradicted when I 'assume' you have no physical location though you are a local dealer, and am told by your site that you hold buying events at the local flea market and pizza place? Major contradiction.

If I am selling gold in this economy I am assuming that the primary reason for doing so is because I am disadvantaged. As such I am already intimidated that it has come to this, and am looking to at least find somebody I hope I can trust is dealing with me honestly, as I am probably going to know little about these transactions as I don't do them daily. Tell me you are honest, by using the words honest, fair, integrity. Make me not feel so bad that I am not selling things that I have heartfelt emotional attachments to because I am getting a fair, honest, reputable, reliable appraisal of what they are worth and not being further taken advantage of.

As for your colors. While they do provide good contrast and easy readability, the black is only a reminder of the dark mood I am in because of having to sell my valuables. There is a reason why financial institutions "primarily" use blue or green color schemes. Blue represents trust and professionalism. Green means go! If I am on the fence about wether or not to find out more...... green says go "ahead''.

Now lastly, if you really don't have a physical location, leave out the buying event locations all together. Change that to for a private appointment or a list of our upcoming buying events complete the form below. That way they don't find out about the pizza shop till AFTER you have contact info.

Hope That Helps

GF -
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To be honest, I like your site. I would like to see reasons why I should trust you (some kind of official industry certifications/verifications will help). Also, what are your conversion targets? Have you set yourself unrealistic targets?

If you are advertizing, make sure you are buying only local/regional traffic and not international traffic..
Google has a free website optimizer tool that allows you to test different content to find your best conversion.


Hi flnazrael,

You might get some ideas from the following article that I just wrote here at Experts Exchange: http://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/Web_Development/Internet_Marketing/A-B-Split-Test-to-Achieve-Your-Goals.html

Beyond that, I offer the following suggestions...

- Decide what exactly you want the visitor to do, and give that valuable real estate above the fold on your page. Would you prefer that they call you or do you want them to fill out the contact form at the bottom? Think about that from the visitor's point of view - is it easier for them to fill out the contact form, or to pick up the phone and call you?
- If you want them to fill out that contact form, I strongly suggest moving it closer to the top of the page. You could split your page into two columns 67/33 and have the contact form in a right hand column to get it further up the page. It may be appropriate to keep a second copy of the contact form at the bottom as well.  
- At the top of the page, I don't like the way your phone number is all by itself. Why should I call this number? Hint at the benefit for the user in calling the number - it could be "Call to find out what your gold is worth" or " Call for a free appraisal".
- I like jason1178's ideas for breaking this long page into multiple pages with a navigation.
- Google Analytics could help you test multiple versions against one another to improve your conversion rate as recommended by gwkg and as described in my article. Testing and tracking allows you to know for fact that the changes you made improved your conversion rate, as opposed to guessing.  
- There's no way for the user to know that the "Referral Bonuses" starburst is clickable, especially while the other two are not.
- Credibility indicators could help - customer testimonials, logos from the Better Business Bureau, etc.
- Visitors may not trust you enough to give you their phone number or email address. You might state how you will and will not use their contact information near the field where you are asking for it. ie. "We respect your privacy. We will not rent or sell your phone number or email address to anybody. We will use them only to contact you regarding your gold."
- Your send button is sort of detached from the fields it works with at the bottom of the page.
- This last suggestion is a bit of a stretch, but because of what your business is, your site does come off a bit scammy. People can either trust a business/brand or trust someone who works there. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who trusts Johnson City Gold Exchange, but what if you put your face on the web page and made a case for them to trust you?

I recommend testing any changes you make to your webpage.
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