Upgrading SQL 2000 Standard to SQL 2005 Express

I need to upgrade all our SQL servers to SQL 2005 but due to the recession we cant get full server licenses.  Is it possible to upgrade SQL 2000 Server Std to SQL 2005 Express?

Potential issues?


We have over 200 db's across 3 servers.
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NightmanConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
There are significant limitations:

An instance can only use 1 CPU.
An instance can use a Maximum of 1GB RAM
A database cannot be larger than 4GB

You can look at a full feature comparison here:
Note: the CPU limitation is per die, not per core ... so if you ran SQL Express on a single quad core processor it would be able to use all four cores.

You still have the memory and database size limitation, though, which are significant.
isiHelpDeskAuthor Commented:
:( ok, well this puts a damper on things :(
isiHelpDeskAuthor Commented:
OK, if we decide to use SQL 2005 Standard, is the upgrade pretty smooth from SQL 2000?  I want to make sure it wont mess up customers existing databases.
isiHelpDeskAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the heads up :)
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