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We are about to update our network equipment and I am considering which equipment we need at the core.  I'm looking for your thoughts on whether the Cisco Catalyst 3750-E can handle being at the core of a network.  If anyone is currently using the 3750-E's, I'd like to hear from you.  Currently, we use Catalyst 6500's at the core and distribution layers (routing and aggregation) and 3750's at the access layer (wiring closets).  What do I stand to lose if I go with the 3750-E's.  We really aren't using the full capability of the 6500's now.  But we do maintain 10Gig connections between the 6500's.  I figure we can have a high-availability design if I split the distribution layer and the core layer and get separate equipment for each.  Replace the 6500's with 3750-E's for the core and still maintain the 10Gig links.  I could also use the Catalyst 3750G-12S at the distribution layer.  Ultimately, I figure I could save a bundle without losing anything.  What do you guys think?
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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
That should work.  You can keep stacking additional 3750-E's in the core and distribution if needed to expand a little bit.  Main drawbacks are the 6500 scales much more and also gives you additional software features the fixed config switches don't provide for along with service module support.  You lose a little but if the network is small and there isn't much possibility of growing massively, you'll be fine.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
You currently have 6500's and you want to replace them with 3750's...

How is that going to save you money? Are you going to sell the 6500's? Are you planning on a lower SmartNet maintenance contract cost?
peacefulwarfareAuthor Commented:
The current equipment is leased.  It will be returned.
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Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
I see.

Then JFrederick is right on the money. (Pun intended)

amprantiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you will be ok.
Stack all 3750 (using the stack cable), and if you dont use any specific 6500 software features then you will not have any problem.

How many users have your network ? Buildings ?
peacefulwarfareAuthor Commented:
Over 3 buildings.  over 500 users.  Gave some thought about the other features of the 6500 like the Firewall Module, WLAN Controller Module, etc....  But the only feature/module that I can't get as a standalone device is perhaps the NAM module, I think.

Thank you guys for your input.  Are any of you guys running the 3750's?
As cores in small branches without issues.
Yes, we have installed 3750 in many coorporate networks without problems
peacefulwarfareAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys
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