Netlogon Error 5723


I currently have a domian controller logging the following message:

The session setup from computer 'XXX' failed becuase the security database does not contain a trust account 'XXX'  referenced by the specified computer.

The issue is that this server account does NOT exist anywhere in AD users and computers.  There are also no DNS entries that point to this server name.  It must be looking somewhere else in AD to log this corrupt record.

I have searched through the various posts about this topic, however, no one seems to have a solution for a machine that is non-existant on the domain.  Please let me know if you have any ideas.  Thanks


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navitaireConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This machine, XXX doesn't exist in AD or the LAN anywhere.  The machine is long gone and has been physically off the network for a long time. I did some more digging and found out it siill had a staled DNS entry.  I removed that entry and now my error messages are gone.  I figured out this issue so will close it.

So does this 'server' think its still a member of the domain? or does it access a share on the domain.
navitaireAuthor Commented:
No, the server doesn't exist anywhere, either physically or have an entry in AD.  
It must still be in AD somewhere. Was this server a domain controller did it have roles on it?
Pretty normal really - the box XXX is still sitting out on the LAN somewhere although it no longer has a computer account in AD.

Brian Desmond
Active Directory MVP
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