tftpdnld timesout every time i try to upload my image.

my image is crupted on my 2811 router and i tried to xmodem and tftpdnld in rommon mode. both time out after the file shows 100% done on the tftp server. it just look like this

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............................[TIMED OUT]
TFTP: Operation Terminated
rommon 5>

Please help i need to get this router back online asap.

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asavenerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh, yeah.

Download a fresh copy of the image from Cisco.  (Clear your browser cache first.)
Try a different tftp server.

I've had luck with the SolarWinds TFTP server and the 3Com 3CDaemon.
metroexpertAuthor Commented:
I tried 3 diffrent ones.

solar winds

all failed.

is there any way to delete the crupted image from frash before doing to upload.
Doesn't TFTP in ROMMON automatically erase the flash?

"Invoke this command for disaster recovery only.
 WARNING: all existing data in all partitions on flash will be lost!
 Do you wish to continue? y/n: [n]: y"

Double check that you have enough flash to contain the image you're downloading.

And can't you set the registry to boot from the burned-in system image?
metroexpertAuthor Commented:
I downloaded a smaller image and got it upload and booted. then i was able to upload the larger image.

thanks alot.
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