How can I schedule my server 2003 reboot @ 3am each day?

May I know how can we schdule the Server 2003 reboot each day @ the time we want? Thanks.
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Gladys KernsConnect With a Mentor Commented:

make a file anywhere... easiest is just in the root... so open "my computer" - open "c"

right-click - new - text document

open the document... type:

@echo off
shutdown.exe -r -f

save it

rename it to restart.bat

Open control panel, go to scheduled tasks

add a scheduled task

where it tells you to pick an application just click "browse" and navigate to the batch file and pick it.

Setup the schedule and parameters as desired

Make sure you set the "run as..." option with a user who has permission to execute a program and a restart.  This will allow it to run even if nobody is logged in.

Enjoy!  :)

(P.S.  I don't know anything about your server, but I want to advise that it's a BAD IDEA to do this with an Exchange 2000 or 2003 server)
Here is a freeware site. Look at the first option
Gladys KernsCommented:
better yet write a batch file that runs shutdown.exe -r and put it in windows task scheduler for 3am daily or whenever you want.  :)
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cybehAuthor Commented:
otter77, do you mind to give steps and sample?

As how can we place that in Windows  task scheduler so that even no user are logged in, it also will run the restart?

Please advice.
Not sure why it's a bad idea to do with an Exchange box - it will shutdown fine. You can append -t 1 to that shutdown command to make it wait 1 second prior to initiating the shutdown rather than 30.

Specify NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM as the username and no password and you won't need to provision an account for the job to run.

Brian Desmond
Active Directory MVP
cybehAuthor Commented:
Hi all, thanks.

Is there any log report that I could check if the reboot run correctly?

Please advice.
bdesmondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a couple of system log events that will get logged, you could also use the uptime utility.

I think there is a bigger question here that is more important - why are you scheduling reboots of a server? You shouldn't need to these days.

Brian Desmond
Active Directory MVP
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