WRT54G V8 SD Mod ?s

First time poster.  Hello community! :)

Some people are modding the Linksys WRT54G's firmware.  The older versions of WRT54G are the best because they have larger flash and ram capacity.  I happen to have 2 linksys WRT54G routers they are V7.  I have loaded DD-WRT micro firmware on in the past.  WRT54G v7 only supports 2mb flash memory and 8mb RAM.  Some folks are modding these routers that have the smaller flash and RAM with SD cards.  I'm running Windows XP.

My Questions:
If I mod one of my WRT54G V7s with the SD card will I be able to load on the larger DD-WRT firmware?
Is the process of loading DD-WRT on the same afterward?

Any further detail welcome!   :)

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MrJemsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> If I mod one of my WRT54G V7s with the SD card will I be able to load on the larger DD-WRT firmware?
No you cannot. The SD card is only visible on the system once you are running DD-WRT and have the required driver to access the SD card.
The bootrom has no ability to access the SD card and therefore cannot boot from it.

To put in a simple analogy, if you have a computer with a very small HDD (too small for XP) and you connected a 8GB USB Flash drive, the only way you can install XP on the USB disk is if the computer can boot from USB. Since the SD card is a 'hack' of the WRTs, the bootrom is not able to boot this way.

What you could do is install the micro firmware, get the SD card running and install extra packages to the SD card, and/or store files there.
This is particularly useful if you wish to use the router as a webserver you can put the webpage source on the SD card.
deansotuh88Author Commented:
Thanks for clearing that up for me.  My friend was looking for a router and I recommended the ASUS 520GU for $45 and I loaded on the USB NAS Tomato MOD firmware with Samba support.  I got a bit jealous and was hoping I could do a bit more with my equipment.

Your response was perfect, thank you!  I'm not a Linux expert but know enough to get around at the console.  I may take on the challenge soon.
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